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10 Reasons Why People Are Loving the Yoga Subscription Box Trend!

yoga subscription box

If there’s one thing that everyone’s trying, it’s the subscription box trend. Whether you receive one for makeup, clothing, or even for your dog — there’s a box out there for everyone! Of course, the world of yoga boasts our own fitness subscription box, filled with expertly curated yoga clothes and accessories that make it fun and exciting to hit the mat or head to brunch in style.

If you haven’t tried our monthly yoga box yet, you’re probably wondering what makes it so wildly popular with yogis across the nation. Keep reading to learn all of the reasons why these boxes are loved by their recipients, and by the end of the article, you may find yourself wanting a fitness subscription box too!

yoga subscription box

A Fitness Subscription Box is Convenient

Everyone is busy, and it can be tough to get to the store to buy new clothes. Subscription boxes relieve you of the need to go shopping and conveniently provide you with complete outfits or pieces of apparel that are ready to wear from the moment you open the package. You can skip the drive, the walk around the mall, the lines, and the fitting room altogether, as your new clothes will now be delivered right to your door!

It Exposes You to New Products and Brands

In the world of yoga, there are a seemingly endless number of brands out there to give you some flair during your yoga classes, and that makes it that much more convenient to practice. However, if you’re always visiting the same stores to suit all of your yoga needs, you are probably missing out on some great apparel! Receiving a monthly yoga box not only eliminates the need to visit the store, it brings you new and exciting yoga apparel that you may not have discovered otherwise. Plus, you’ll no longer match every other yogi in the studio, you get to let your individual style shine!

yoga subscription box

It’s Affordable

Shopping for yoga gear can get pricey, but YogaClub makes it easy to stock your closet with the best yoga apparel and accessories, even if you’re on a budget. With our fitness subscription box, you can save up to 60 percent every month, paying as little as $45 for yoga pants that would retail for $100! Our boxes don’t sacrifice quality, and we know that you’ll love the products just as much as your wallet loves the prices!

It Helps You Find Go-To Products

Like we mentioned above, our subscription boxes help expose you to brands and items that you wouldn’t necessarily find during a shopping trip. As you try these new products from month to month, it can help you to develop a love for new items that will quickly become your go-to yoga outfits to work out in or just to wear around town.

It’s Customized

YogaClub customizes each box that is sent to our eager yogis, ensuring that you get something you’ll love! When you first start your subscription, you complete a comprehensive style quiz where you record your sizes, favorite colors, pattern preferences, and your signature styles. You will even be able to specify things like whether you like shorter or longer shorts and what kinds of sports bras you prefer. From there, our stylists take care of the rest, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger!

yoga subscription box

It’s Flexible

The word “subscription” may sometimes cause you to fear that you’ll be locked into a service for months on end. But at YogaClub, your fitness subscription box can be canceled at any time (although we don’t think you’ll want to miss a delivery!). Whether you’re looking to skip a month to save some money or if your closet is fully stocked, pausing, switching, or cancelling your subscription is not a problem.

There are also different levels to the YogaClub subscription, so that there’s something for every personality and budget. There are three different plans to choose from, ranging from $45 to $79 per month, which makes it easy to pick the ideal price point and to choose how many clothing items you wish to receive.

Exchanges are Easy

One of the only things more frustrating than waiting in line to make a purchase at a store is waiting in line to return an item. Luckily, subscription boxes negate the need for this annoying chore. Instead, we make it easy for you to send us back anything that didn’t fit perfectly or suit your tastes. You can exchange your item for something different that you choose through our site, guaranteeing that you will find something you love! And, that’s exactly why it’s called our Love Guarantee.

yoga subscription box

It Provides the Perfect Fit

When it comes to workout clothes, it can be tough to find garments that fit just right. You certainly don’t want apparel that will fall down, ride up, or be generally uncomfortable during a workout. Because you fill out a profile on your sizes and body type before ever receiving your first box, the clothing you receive will fit like a glove, allowing you to focus solely on what’s important during your yoga class: your regime, your body, and your mind. You can even give us feedback on the specific fits you need for our different brands, since we all know no two brands ever fit exactly the same. As you share feedback with us on what you like and what fits, our stylists learn your sizes and preferences, so the longer you subscribe, the more the activewear you receive becomes tailored just to you! Our adaptability is part of what makes YogaClub different from other fitness subscription boxes!

yoga subscription box

It’s a Great Treat

Everyone deserves a treat once in awhile, and looking forward to your box arriving on a monthly basis proves to be just that! You will come to love coming home on delivery day, opening your yoga box, and trying on all of your new activewear. It’s fun to discover all of your custom items, and you’ll love that element of surprise. You work hard, and a monthly treat allows you to stay motivated towards meeting your goals, making you even more excited to visit the yoga studio, gym, or running track.

A Fitness Subscription Box Helps You Stay On-Trend

If you’re a fashionista that enjoys looking stylish when you hit the yoga mat, a fitness subscription box is definitely for you. Our expert stylists pick out attractive and appealing clothing, and we work tirelessly to find pieces and brands that are stylish, well-made, and comfortable. These boxes allow you to stay up on all the latest yoga trends effortlessly, and you’ll be the envy of your fellow yogis without a doubt.

Now you see how easy it is to acquire top-trend yoga clothing that has unmatched quality at a great price. YogaClub’s subscription boxes are fun to receive, they make life more convenient, and they save you time. We can’t think of much of a better combination, and we hope you’ll give our boxes a try to find out what all the buzz is about!

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