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Top 16 Casual Weekend Outfit Ideas to Impress

From Monday to Friday, most of us aren’t thinking much about our outfits. It’s mostly a matter of waking up with the alarm (no snooze!), throwing on some clothes, and looking acceptable enough to make our way through the work week without catastrophe.

That’s why the weekend is such a great time to showcase your style, enjoy different looks, and maybe take a step or two out of your comfort zone.

If you need a bit of inspiration for this coming weekend, we’ve got 20 great outfit ideas to get you going. Mix and match these different components to create something totally fresh and make the most out of the weekend before Monday rolls around again.

Lounging Around

Most weekends start off slowly as you relax and breathe out the stress of the week that was. Here are some chilled-out looks that you can enjoy at home before you even head out the door.

1. Big and Loose Tees

It’s not that people are getting smaller – their tee shirts are just getting bigger! The oversized tee trend might seem a bit strange at first, but it’s a great way to instantly shift into relaxation mode and enjoy the feeling of swimming around in some extra fabric.

2. Stretchy Leggings and Joggers

Leggings might have been created for the yoga studio, but we advocate wearing them anywhere and at any time, especially when chilling out at home on a lazy Friday night or Saturday morning.

The stretchier, the better when it comes to lounge-ready leggings, and joggers are a great alternative to classic sweats if you want a change of pace.

3. Chunky Sweaters

In the middle of the winter or on a chilly fall day, what could be better than indulging in a big, chunky sweater while sipping tea on the couch and catching up on your favorite TV series?

That sounds like an unbeatable scenario in our eyes, especially if you’ve got a quality crewneck or knitted sweater that makes anywhere feel like home. Plus, you can wear it out to run errands or just stroll through the park.

4. Slip-Ons and Sandals

If you’re hopping in and out of bed, curling up on the couch, and shuffling around the house on a lazy Sunday, you’ll want to keep a pair of comfy slip-ons or sandals close by, always.

These kinds of shoes can be found in every material, from cheap dollar-store plastic all the way up to top-tier leather and suede with pricey designer labels on the heel. However you like to wear your sandals, there’s something out there for you!

5. Wrap Yourself Up

Speaking of comfort, what could be more delightful than wrapping yourself in a lovely tunic or beach-inspired light layers when you’re in total relaxation mode?

We love wraps because they’re so easy to wear no matter what’s on your schedule, and they can even be dressed up a bit for a public appearance.

Keeping it Casual

Okay, it’s time to leave the house – but what to wear? Here are some casual style tips that will help you look chic and stylish when you hit the streets on the weekend.

6. Wide Leg Jeans

Slim and skinny jeans will never go out of style, but we’re seeing more straight and wide cuts come back into the mix this year.

That’s great news for anyone who enjoys a bit more breathing room in the leg. Plus, you can enjoy some unique styles that you’ve been avoiding for so long. Try something new!

7. Voluminous Tops

These days, blouses are all about volume, with extra fabric around the shoulders, along the neckline, and anywhere else that creates a more interesting silhouette and flatters your physique.

These tops can draw attention to certain parts of your body and away from others, making them ideal for certain physique types. Try on a bunch and see which ones work best for you.

8. Mid-Length Skirts

A cool and casual skirt is never a bad option for the weekend, and you don’t even need to wear a very short piece to make a statement.

Demin, corduroy, or even a lightweight blend of various fabrics – anything goes with a skirt, and it’s surprisingly easy to pair with other garments in your wardrobe.

9. Breezy Layering Pieces

You’ll want to layer up when walking around town since the weather can change fast, especially in the evening. Wraps and tunics are a great way to layer up wisely, but we also love a nice lightweight hoodie or classic denim jacket.

10. City-Slicker Boots

If you haven’t expanded your collection of boots yet, what are you waiting for? These are timeless additions to any wardrobe, and you’ve got a huge range of styles that can suit any casual day trip or night out.

Just make sure you pick boots that work with your current style and match the other garments in your rotation.

Dressing to Impress

You can dress casually and still make a great first impression, whether you’re meeting up with friends for drinks, going on a first date, or even heading into the office to work some extra hours on the weekend.

Here are some simple ways to elevate a casual outfit and appear a bit more put-together without totally rethinking your wardrobe.

11. Throw on a Blazer

Want to instantly boost your professional credibility and create that aura of importance? A blazer will do just that, layering perfectly on top of a button-up shirt or casual blouse.

We suggest you try out a range of different blazers before making a pick since there is a lot of variety in the fabrics, fits, and styles on the market.

Also, don’t hesitate to go vintage with your blazers since some of the best selections will be throwbacks at the thrift shop.

12. Upgrade Your Shoes

Sounds obvious, but just swapping out your sandals for pumps or elegant flats can quickly shift the entire vibe of your outfit for a more formal occasion.

When shopping for shoes, look for timeless styles and shapes that complement your current wardrobe while offering some flexibility. It’s worth dropping some extra cash on shoes that will transcend the trends and last you for years to come.

13. Wrap Around the Waist

Groovy belts and waist wraps are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why. They create a more defined waistline, add a pop of color and texture, and allow you to easily put a nice personal twist on any outfit.

14. Amplified Accessories

The weekend is the time to showcase your finest jewelry, handbags, and any other accessories you’ve been waiting to wear all week long. No need to worry about work or responsibilities on Saturday night, so it’s all about form over function!

Getting Active

At some point in the weekend, you might want to work in a yoga class or gym session to blow off some steam. Here are some tips to look great while doing it.

15. Purposeful Activewear

We love stylish athleisure clothes, but practicality is a top priority when putting together outfits for the gym.

Consider what activities you’ll be doing that day, and build your outfit with a purpose rather than aimlessly assembling an outfit or going strictly on style.

Whether you plan to jog, lift weights, do yoga, or just grind it out on a cardio machine, you should pick garments based on breathability, stretchiness, and other key factors.

16. Matching Sets

Athleisure is all about crafting a streamlined look that flows from top to bottom. Make sure your sets match in terms of color and pattern, but also with proportions, dimensions, and materials.

Some yoga clothes come ready-made in matching sets, but most of the time, you’ll have to piece together a look with distinctive pieces from scratch – not always easy! A great way to solve this issue is by signing up for a yoga clothing service that sends you matching sets with the latest trends of the current season.

Make Shopping Easier

This isn’t an outfit recommendation, but it earns a spot on our list nonetheless. If you’re still unsure about navigating the world of athleisure clothing and need some guidance, we urge you to try out a subscription activewear service that accelerates and streamlines the entire process.

You don’t even need to leave your house or order specific garments from different websites to assemble hip outfits that flatter your physique and fit your lifestyle. From top to bottom, we handle it all, and you can quickly level up your casual and athletic wardrobe fast!

The weekend never seems to last long enough, but at least you’ve now got some great casual style tips to make the most of every one.



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