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Top 8 Matching Workout Sets that are Perfect for Your Next Yoga Session

We know that appearance isn’t everything when it comes to choosing activewear, but we’ll also be the first to say that when you like the clothes you’re wearing, it provides a big boost of confidence that helps you enjoy the experience so much more!

You get compliments at the gym, you like what you see in the mirror, and you’re simply more motivated to suit up and make your way to the yoga studio or wherever else you exercise.

Think of stylish workout wear as a life hack that you should definitely embrace. With so many great options on the market, why wouldn’t you use every advantage you’ve got?

The big challenge, of course, is knowing which workout clothes look best together and creating a matching set that includes a sports bra, a top layer, and bottoms that tie the entire outfit together.

Even if you consider yourself to be stylish in everyday life and work, it’s not so easy to coordinate matching sets for the gym or the yoga studio – so we’re here to help!

We’ve put together a list of top matching workout sets that you can add to your rotation and make the most of every workout from now on.

What Makes a Great Matching Set?

Before we dive into our picks, let’s first discuss what makes for a great matching set of activewear and what features you should prioritize when shopping around.

Fit and Functionality

There’s nothing wrong with focusing on style and the latest athleisure trends, but let’s not forget the real reason why you’re buying workout clothes in the first place – to exercise!

The fit and functionality of your activewear are of top importance, so avoid the trap of buying workout clothes simply because you like the patterns or you saw a celebrity wearing a trendy new piece on social media.

In other words, shop for clothing based on how the garments allow you to perform, whether it’s in the weight room, on the yoga mat, or hiking up hills on a local trail.

The clothes should fit right, suit your physique, and even give you a performance boost with extra support in certain areas.

Consider your own workout habits, research outfits for specific exercises and activities, and you’ll have a much easier time making the right selections without wasting time or cash.

The Right Materials

No matter how you like to exercise, picking quality materials is key to a successful matching workout set.

If you haven’t explored the athleisure scene in recent years, just know that things have come quite a long way! No longer are we dealing in 100% cotton or polyester. Today’s tops and leggings come in brilliant blends of great synthetic and organic materials.

That means that you can achieve more stretch, more breathability, greater range of motion, improved temperature regulation, superior moisture control, and many other key advantages while working out.

With that said, always take a moment to scan those labels and ensure you’re making the right pick in terms of materials before you seal the deal on a new garment or matching set.

Colors, Patterns, and Prints

If you’ve checked the boxes of fit, function, performance, and material, only then should you start looking at the surface-level differences between activewear products.

Luckily, you’ve got an enormous world of colors, patterns, and prints to explore nowadays, and you’ll have no trouble finding the styles you want in the athleisure department.

Pick colors that work with your skin tone, flatter your physique, and make you feel like the most confident, capable version of yourself. That’s what it’s all about!

Our Favorite Matching Workout Sets

With the basics out of the way, let’s dive into our list of the best matching workout sets for your next yoga class or any other style of workout you enjoy.

1. Classic Tank and Leggings

Let’s begin with the standard athleisure outfit of the 21st century, because why mess with perfection?

A form-fitting tank top gives you a great range of motion in the arms and shoulders, allowing you to stay cool and dry from the beginning to the end of your session.

Full-length leggings are a great complement to a classic tank because they create a nice aesthetic balance from head to toe while offering total coverage on the yoga mat or in the weight room.

This is the ultimate beginner set for any aspiring yogi and a solid pick for anyone looking for a fresh matching set any time of year.

2. Racerback and Capri-Length Bottoms

If you want to show a bit more skin and enjoy a twist on the classic yoga look, a racerback and capri combo is your next best move.

Known for their extra ventilation and unique fabric cutouts across the shoulders, racerbacks let you conquer any workout with virtually no restriction.

There’s no bunching of fabric, no pinching around the chest or neck – just 100% range of motion so you can fully focus on your poses and lifts.

Capris, as you know, are leggings that typically cut off around mid-calf or somewhere just below, giving your legs a bit more breathing room and still maintaining your grip on the mat or the machine of your choice.

This is a great set for springtime, fall, or any time the weather is unpredictable.

3. Tee Shirt and Biker Shorts

If the sun is beating down and you can’t bear a full-length yoga outfit, this summery combination is there to help you stay cool and calm in the heat.

A tee shirt is advised so you aren’t sweating all over the mat, while biker shorts are a great garment somewhere in between shorts and capris, extending to just above the knee.

Not to mention, this is a classic athleisure look you’ll see in the Hollywood Hills or Downtown Manhattan, so watch out for the paparazzi if you’re strolling around before class.

4. Athletic Tank and Short Shorts

For a spin class, a hardcore yoga session, or just some old-fashioned weight lifting, this matching set can’t be beat.

A slim, high-quality athletic tank will keep you cool up top, while short shorts will allow you to sweat and strain without any restrictions at all.

This is the outfit you’ll wear when taking on your toughest workout challenges, so get ready!

5. Layered Wraps or Tunics

A matching set is more than just tops and bottoms. You sometimes want another layer to keep yourself warm or just enjoy another dimension to your look.

Athletic wraps and tunics are all over the athleisure scene right now, and we think they’re a welcome addition to any wardrobe. Find wraps that are lightweight, versatile, and match your favorite garments to create a cohesive outfit.

6. Flexible Hoodie and Lightweight Leggings

You may not associate hoodies with yoga, but trust us – when winter rolls around, you’ll want that extra layer to bring your body temperature up slowly and avoid injury.

Hoodies can quickly be taken on or off no matter where you are or how far into a yoga class you may be. They are also great to wear on cardio machines or in the weight room for some extra comfort and protection.

Pair with some lightweight leggings for a perfectly balanced set.

7. Sports Bra and Yoga Shorts

Need an easy, minimal look to wear on a jog or just a low-key yoga session in the park? This outfit isn’t meant for cold weather, so save it for summer!

However, when the sun is shining and the vibes are right, a sports bra and well-fitting yoga shorts will complement your physique and help you push yourself in the gym and beyond.

8. Flowing Top and Wide-Leg Pants

We tend to pick form-fitting outfits in the yoga studio and gym, but sometimes, you just want a looser outfit that lets you breathe and enjoy a more relaxed experience.

Just be aware that all this extra fabric can get in your way when performing technical poses or using complex gym machinery, so it’s best to wear this outfit when doing chilled-out yoga at home or in the park.

Streamline Your Athleisure Shopping

If you like the sound of these matching sets and want to add them to your wardrobe, now is the time to shop! You can browse the shops at your local mall, order specific pieces online, or use a yoga clothing subscription service to streamline the process and save some cash.

However you like to shop for activewear, you now have plenty of inspiration to last you for the coming months and years – always be trying new things and embrace the novelty of it all!


Trends will come and go in the world of activewear, but these matching workout sets will stay in style forever. Pick your favorites and wear them well, no matter how you like to relax or work out.



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