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Top 21 Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know in 2021

It’s that time of year when new fashion tip articles are uploaded to the web for all to see. Maybe you’re someone who reads each one with scrutiny, or you just like to browse trends casually and see what’s new.

No matter where you’re at, it’s always interesting to take a pulse on style and watch the ebb and flow of fashion each year.

We’re here to make things a little easier with 21 great fashion trends to expect in 2021. There’s something for everyone on this list, so keep it bookmarked for future reference!

Let’s jump right into the list now.

1. High-End Hoodies

It seems like a paradox, but hoodies can definitely be high-end in 2021. Just browse some of the designer brands and see those prices for yourself!

You don’t have to drop hundreds on a fresh hoodie, of course, and there are plenty of mid-range options that feel cozy and look fly. Go slim-fit, oversized, zip-up, or any style you want. Hoodies are here for the long haul, so build your collection this year.

2. Knitwear Everywhere

What is it about knit clothing that creates such a warm and comfy vibe? Even lightweight knitwear makes us feel at home wherever we are, and it’s versatile enough to wear to the office, brunch, and beyond.

Long sleeves, short sleeves, vests, and even bottoms – knitwear is everywhere and should be a staple in your wardrobe for the months to come.

3. Roomy Pants

Not feeling the super-slim hip-hugging pants that have been in vogue for years now? Those skinnies are still acceptable, of course, but things are loosening up, and we’re glad to see it.

Try out some roomier pants with more wiggle room and maybe some extra flowing material around the calf. That goes for daily trousers and activewear for yoga and the gym as well.

4. Lounge Cardigans

We’re thrilled to see that cardigans are making their way into the mainstream once again, because they’re so fun to wear and easy to layer.

These aren’t the cardigans your mother wore back in the day. They’re slimmer, sleeker, and made from amazingly soft materials you won’t want to take off.

5. Puffy-Shoulder Tops

Try something new in the blouse department this year with shirts that add more volume and flair to the shoulder area. These tops can emphasize your physique in a flattering way and add some fun to your daily lookbook.

These garments don’t need to be heavy or expensive, either. They’re a great fast-fashion buy to experiment with throughout spring and summer.

6. Trendy Tracksuits

Everyone likes a color-coordinated outfit, but the tracksuit takes things to the next level with perfectly matching tops and bottoms.

You might think the tracksuit is outdated in 2021, but all trends come back around and re-establish themselves eventually. Besides, this makes for an easy, comfortable athleisure outfit you can wear almost anywhere and look fresh.

7. Tie Dye

No need to get messy with a DIY tie-dye kit since nearly every brand is putting their own twist on this classic psychedelic pattern this year.

Tee shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, and even yoga pants are getting the tie-dye treatment, so enjoy a summer of love and get on board.

8. Pretty Pastels

Ever since pastels appeared in the color palette for modern fashion, they haven’t lost momentum. These colors are light and soft without being too bright or loud, which makes for a perfect compromise in any outfit.

If you haven’t yet added some pastels to your wardrobe, what are you waiting for? Get with the times and enjoy these spring-inspired colors year-round.

9. Floral Prints

Just like the flowers in your garden or the local park, floral prints always seem to make an appearance on fashion tip lists this time of year.

This is one trend that seems more fitting in spring and summer, but you can also work floral prints into your rotation during colder months, because why not? These prints can be found anywhere, from tees and tanks to leggings and accessories.

10. Bold Blazers

We love that old-school formal wear is making its way into the fold without forcing you to go over-the-top. Blazers are a perfect example of a classic staple worn in modern ways.

Wear a blazer over a hoodie, a sweater, or even something lighter and sheerer. This can instantly elevate any outfit, making you look like a star.

11. Chunky Sweatshirts

What do we mean by chunky? Anything oversized and off the beaten path. Sweatshirts are universal, but the trend now is to wear them a bit too big and maybe slumped off one shoulder.

Pair chunky sweatshirts with slim yoga pants or biker shorts to get a chic Hollywood Hills look that says “whatever” (in a good way).

12. Slim Sweatpants

Nothing beats a pair of soft, cozy sweatpants that you can wear here, there, and everywhere. Sweatpants no longer equate to a lazy look, as long as you’re conscious of styling and spruce your outfits up in creative ways.

Find a go-to pair of sweatpants and stock up on different colors for a reliable rotation.

13. Boots, Big and Small

There’s no better feeling than taking on the world in a pair of boots, whether they’re low profile Chelseas or over-the-top combat boots.

Not all boots are heavy or clunky, so don’t write off this trend if that’s your concern. Many are slim and lightweight for easy daily use. Go try some on and treat yourself.

14. Vintage Dresses

Anyone can pick up the latest fast-fashion dress off the rack, but finding a lovely vintage dress from the thrift store or web takes a little more work – and it pays off in style.

We like the wholesome looks of old-school day dresses that feature simple shapes that can be quite flattering as well. Be open to trying vintage dresses of all types, because you never know what you might find.

15. Funky Belts and Waistbands

Need a new way to literally tie your outfit together? Think outside the box with interesting belts, wraps, and waistbands that add some fun flair to any simple look.

These items are great to have around because they provide fashion and function without much effort at all. Get creative and build a cool collection of belts and wraps you can be proud of.

16. Leg Warmers and Big Socks

The 80s called, and they want us to embrace leg warmers once again. This trend is due for a comeback, so be on the vanguard and try them on for size.

Leg warmers have a vintage vibe but can work with many modern outfits, including your favorite athleisure looks. They come in many different materials and colors, so the choice is yours.

If you aren’t ready for leg warmers quite yet, simply try some knee-high socks with a bit more bulk to get a feel for the style. You might unlock a new look that you’ve been missing.

17. Relaxed Denim

We can’t be the only ones to breathe a literal sigh of relief now that we don’t need to restrict ourselves in super-skinny jeans. It was fun while it lasted, but relaxed-fit denim is a welcome change for women everywhere.

With roomy denim in the mix, you can finally enjoy some old-school styles with a modern twist and show off some interesting shapes and silhouettes.

When summer rolls around, you’ll be happy with these relaxed fits to stay cool both figuratively and literally.

18. Bucket Hats

This is one trend that not everyone will be willing to try, but we encourage you to take a chance nevertheless.

Streetwear trends have featured bucket hats for years, and in 2021, these hats are fair game for anyone. They’re comfy, cute, and come in so many patterns for your preferences.

19. Minimal Handbags

There’s no such thing as having too many bags, but the trend is moving towards the minimal in terms of size and shapes this year.

Think about it – how much stuff do you really need to carry with you these days? Beyond your phone, your cards, and some other essentials, not much is necessary to make it in the world!

20. Shirt Jackets (Shackets)

The word is weird, we know, but the style itself is something we can all get behind.

Shackets are warm and bring a fun casual vibe to any situation. Plus, they are perfect for layering, slinging over your shoulder, and wrapping around your waist.

21. Cropped Tops and Bottoms

Why go full-length when you can show off some skin and spruce up your style? Cropped pants, leggings, tees, and tanks are a favorite right now, especially when the sun is shining.

From athleisure to formalwear, cropped clothing will definitely make its mark moving forward.

The Best Way to Shop in 2021

From the mall and the department store to the thrift shop and online marketplaces, you’ve got so many ways to fill your cart with trendy garments in 2021.

If you need a bit of help in the athleisure department, why not try out a subscription activewear service that hand-selects perfect outfits for you? It’s a great way to save some time and money while staying on-trend from one season to the next.



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