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Plus Size Clothing Subscription and Style for Curvy Women

It’s about time the fashion industry got on board with plus-size styles and clothes for curvy women. We’re happy to see that the stick-figure styles are a thing of the past, and more designers are now creating clothes that actually fit and flatter different body types.

However, some women are still left wondering about how to dress best for their unique physiques and the smart way to fill their wardrobe with quality garments.

In this piece, we’re checking out some of the most popular styles for curvy women in 2021 and explaining why an online subscription service is actually the best way to get hand-selected items that make you look and feel fantastic.

If you’ve been on the fence about plus-size fashion in general or just not sure where to start, this is the article for you! Let’s get right into it.

General Tips and Tricks

Fashion magazines and runway TV shows have not done a great job at highlighting plus-size styles and or giving curvy women the representation they deserve in the media – and that’s putting it gently.

We’re grateful that things are taking a more inclusive turn, but we could all use some more encouragement and guidance when trying out new styles with a generous body type.

Here are some fundamentals to follow when revamping your wardrobe and becoming a more confident version of yourself.

Get Organized

It seems like an obvious first step, but so many of us overlook the power of being organized. That goes for anything in life – work, relationships, and especially your wardrobe!

Set aside an afternoon to go through your wardrobe from front to back, inside and out. Lay out your entire inventory so you can see each individual piece and give an honest assessment of every single garment you own.

Naturally, you’ll want to keep some of your favorite items you’ve collected over the years, and certain garments will have more sentimental value than others.

However, use this process to identify patterns and themes in your preferred clothes and note which items you tend to avoid or keep on the shelf.

Have a Vision

Everything worthwhile starts as a vision in your mind, and your wardrobe is no different.

Follow a few social media accounts for some inspiration, browse some online stores that cater to your shape and style, and have open discussions with friends to generate ideas.

At first, you might not have a perfect idea of how you want to dress, but you’ve got to start somewhere! Simply by making a clear commitment to yourself, you’re taking a step in the right direction.

Use Color to Your Advantage

Color is your friend when expanding your style horizons, so don’t shy away!

Many of us tend to rely on neutral tones and minimal patterns because that’s what we’ve been wearing for years. However, this is the time to try new things, and mixing up your color palette is a great place to begin.

If you don’t want to turn your closet into a full-on rainbow display, start by adding some dashes of color to your athleisure wardrobe, opting for more eye-catching patterns and designs that may be just outside your wheelhouse.

Accessorize Wisely

Confidence is a huge component of style, and accessorizing is a fast, easy way to boost your self-image with just a few minor pieces.

A bracelet here, a necklace there – maybe a few rings or even a nose piercing if you’re really feeling it! There are really no rules when it comes to accessories these days, and you should embrace your body as a canvas for fun and creative items every day.

This is just a good practice to get into for improving your looks and confidence, so why not make the most of the countless accessories available to you?

Know Your Body Shape

With some fundamentals established, you can start thinking about how your new wardrobe will come together. It all begins with knowing your body shape and dressing yourself in flattering clothes that emphasize your best features!

Here are some simple steps to follow so you can find your shape and use it to your advantage.

Take Your Measurements

It’s not the most fun activity ever, but taking your measurements is key to determining your body shape and locking in your ideal style.

You’ll want to take four key measurements: use a soft tape measure so that you get accurate dimensions. 

Once you have these, you will know your body shape and start your shopping journey:

  • Shoulders
  • Bust
  • Waist
  • Hips

  • Remember – body shapes are just suggestions, and nobody looks exactly like they do in the magazines or the diagrams you see online.

    The Best Clothes for You

    Here are some common curvy body shapes that might reflect your own proportions and some style tips that will bring out the best in your physique.

    The Apple

    Rounded shoulders, shapely legs, and fullness around the middle – this is the apple shape that many women have and struggle to style.

    For the apple, we suggest emphasizing the areas above the bust line and below the waist while minimizing detail in between. Opt for fitted silhouettes around the hip line and keep the focus on your shoulders and legs.  

    The Pear

    Hips and thighs are the show stoppers for the pear-shaped woman, so you can get away with some fitted styles around the waist, like wraps and fitted lines.

    Avoid narrowing your legs with cropped trousers, and add some extra volume to your top half for a more balanced look. In the gym, stick with full-length leggings and tops that emphasize those strong shoulders.

    The Inverted Triangle

    If your bottom half is smaller than your top, you might have an inverted triangle body shape; basically, the pear-shaped flipped upside down.

    The key here is to keep your top half uncluttered and avoid drawing more attention to your shoulders than necessary. Instead, aim to broaden the look of your hips with more detail on your lower half and use things like wraps and belts to add balance.

    The Rectangle

    A straight, symmetrical physique with little waist definition is often called a rectangle. Here, your goal is to create the illusion of a defined waistline by using shapely fits and avoiding straight lines.

    By uncluttering your looks and avoiding busy and fussy styles around the waist, you can create more balanced outfits and draw attention to the other features you wish to emphasize.

    The Full Hourglass

    Many women desire an hourglass shape, and having a bit more fullness is not a bad thing by any means. You’ve got a wide range of fitted styles that suit you well, emphasizing a smaller waist, a fuller bust, and bigger thighs.

    No need for straight shapes that hide your waist or busy styles that add volume where you don’t need it. Try bringing more attention to your shoulders and wear lower necklines that balance your overall look.

    When it comes to gym wear, you may also want to wear stretchy tops that extend past the shoulder rather than tank tops or sleeveless tees.

    Benefits of a Subscription Service

    We’ve given you a lot to work with as far as recommendations go, but actually assembling a perfect wardrobe for your body shape is another story – especially when it comes to activewear.

    Suggestions only go so far, and the only real way to find the best clothes for your body type is to try them on in person!

    You can spend hours waltzing in and out of shops and fitting rooms, but that’s no guarantee for success. Alternatively, you can sign up for a yoga clothing subscription service that delivers perfect fits and styles every time.

    Here are some reasons why a subscription plan might be your best bet.

    Curated Picks

    Even with a good understanding of your body shape and optimal styles, you might need a hand from the professionals to fill your wardrobe with the best-fitting activewear.

    A yoga subscription service asks you to take a brief quiz, fill out some relevant information, and certified stylists will hand-select outfits to send your way. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

    The Latest Trends

    Trends move fast in the world of athleisure, and you don’t want to fall behind. A subscription service will ensure you keep the freshest styles in your rotation from one season to the next.

    Total Control

    A subscription plan might curate certain outfits, but ultimately you’re the one in the driver’s seat. You can make returns, exchanges, and provide feedback that further enhances your next shipment.

    This is the best way to try new styles and call the shots at the same time. It’s a best-of-both-worlds setup that can’t be beaten.

    In Conclusion

    The world of plus-size style can be confusing at first, but curvy women have nothing to fear. Our tips should help you get started, and a subscription yoga clothing service will keep you looking and feeling great in the gym.



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