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Modern Fashion Trends to Look Out for in 2021

The most exciting part about fashion? It’s always on the move! Jump in a time machine to just a few years ago, and you’ll see a totally different fashion landscape from the one we’re in now.

With that said, you’ve always got to be on the lookout for the next best thing in the fashion world since the last thing you want to do is miss out on a major trend.

Don’t sweat it because we’ve got our pulse on up-and-coming women’s fashion for 2021. Stay tuned to the following list of trends, so you don’t miss a beat. Let’s begin.

Tops, Pants, and Jackets

These are the staples of your wardrobe and the foundations of every outfit you put together. Here are the big 2021 trends for tops, bottoms, and outerwear.

Cozy and Classy

As summer approaches, you might still want to layer up to endure some of the cooler evening temperatures of late spring.

That’s why we’re loving trends like knitwear, which adds a wholesome and cozy dimension to any piece in your repertoire. Whether it’s a sweater, a vest, or even a crop top that shows a bit of skin, knit fabrics are eternally cute and beyond comfortable.

We’re also seeing a big move toward funky, vintage coats, blazers, and jackets that combine old-school shapes with lighter, more versatile modern fabrics.

As we transition to warmer weather, you’ll want a few pieces of stylish, lightweight outerwear that you can cycle on and off throughout the day and night.

When it’s time to dive into dresses and skirts, try some different styles that pay homage to the 60s and 70s – a simpler time! Maxi dresses are going to be everywhere this summer, and so are lightweight wraps and tunics that give you some extra coverage in the sun.

Colors and Patterns

This is not the year of neutral tones; we’ll say that right now! It’s all about bold and bright colors and patterns this year, so amplify your wardrobe with some eye-catching pieces that truly shine in the sun.

As you might expect, pastels are back once again, especially with herbal tones like mint and lavender. Sorbet-inspired colors are the name of the game, so the sweeter, the better.

If you aren’t feeling the flower-child vibes, you can play things safe with classic black-and-white looks that never go out of style. With patterns like checkerboard, chevron, and herringbone, these basic colors can add a level of elegance to any outfit.

Turn Up the Volume

We’re not talking about the volume knob on your stereo system: we’re talking about oversized clothing that is definitely stealing the show this summer.

Extra-wide pants, loose-fitting jeans, tops with poofy shoulders, tall boots, and thick belts – everything is supersized this time around, so think big.

Our favorite outfits have a mix of both slim and oversized items, so it’s all about balance.

Accessories are Everything

We’ll never run out of excuses to accessorize, and neither should you.

This year, we’re seeing some outside-the-box accessories and loving every minute. Here are some of the most intriguing add-ons and extras to spruce up your outfits.

Masks and Headscarves

It looks like face masks aren’t going anywhere, so load up on plenty of these pieces and don’t shy away from a bit of style. With so many unique patterns, colors, and comfy fabrics available now, there’s no reason to be wearing the same old disposable masks each day.

Headscarves are also making a push for popularity this year, and they can add a delicate dash of style to almost any look. If you’re feeling some bohemian inspiration this summer, you might enjoy wearing one of these light, patterned wraps.

Bags, Hats, and Belts

Do you have enough bags in your rotation? How about cute hats to tie your groovy summer outfits together?

These are the accessories that can make or break an entire look, so choose wisely and be sure you’re on-trend!

We mentioned a few oversized staples earlier, but this summer, less is more when it comes to accessories, at least in terms of size. The only exception here are belts, which are bigger and bolder than ever.

Don’t Forget the Shoes

Think we would just breeze past the shoe section in our 2021 fashion breakdown? No way! Here are some footwear trends taking shape this summer.

Flats Get Elevated

There’s nothing not to love about a sensible pair of flats, but if you need an infusion of fashion to your shoe collection, try out some of the elevated platform-style flats making the rounds right now.

Yes, flatforms are a bona fide movement at the moment, so get with the program! There are super-tall versions that are fit for the runway and more subtle styles that are better for everyday activities.

Sandals in Demand

When we think of summer shoes, it’s all about sandals. We’re loving some of the sandal trends happening right now, including leather straps, beefy buckles, and chunky shapes that fit right in with the oversized clothing craze.

In terms of materials, it looks like suede will have its time in the spotlight this summer, with many sleek sandals making their way into the magazines and social media feeds.

We’ll never say no to a comfy pair of suede sandals with straps – just keep them out of the rain!

Boots Are Back

We say they’re back, but did boots ever really go away? For years now, women have been enjoying boots of all shapes, sizes, and colors, adding a touch of toughness and rugged individualism to their looks.

The best part about boots is the sheer variety you get on the market right now. Knee-highs are a perennial favorite, as are Chelsea boots and more combat-inspired streetwear types.

Boots take a while to wear in and get a feel for the weight, but once you find a brand and style that fits your feet and your personality, you won’t want to take them off.

Athleisure Evolves

It’s a trend that started in the 80s and gained some traction in the 90s, but the athleisure trend is certainly a 21st-century phenomenon. Here are the main athleisure trends taking place in 2021.

Creative Cuts and Straps

Leave the standard short-sleeve tee shirts and tanks behind because it’s all about elaborate straps and cut-out shapes in the world of activewear tops right now. Racerbacks, halter tops, and garments that can’t even be categorized – there’s always something new.

These creative pieces aren’t just intriguing from a visual standpoint, but they also keep you cool and ventilated during your yoga session, spin class, or jog in the park. Try them out!

Leggings Level Up

Yoga pants have come a long way in just a few short years, and now they are certified marvels of technology.

Today’s athletic leggings are built for maximum performance, offering moisture-wicking abilities, super breathable fabrics, and even extra compression for blood flow and support.

Whether you like your workout pants long, short, or somewhere in between, this is the year to grab some next-level leggings.

Matching Sets Forever

Back in the day, nobody really cared what you wore to the gym, but that sure has changed!

Now, you want to coordinate your tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories to create a matching activewear outfit and look great while you work out.

Think about shapes, colors, patterns, and fabrics to make sure your outfit works as a cohesive whole. This will keep you motivated to hit the gym and enjoy every workout to the fullest.

Get Trending Looks Without the Effort

We’ve covered a lot of ground in one short article, so that should fuel your inspiration for at least a few months! However, if you still need some help putting together outfits that match your body shape and personal style – especially in the activewear department – we’re here to help out.

YogaClub is a top-tier yoga clothing subscription box, and we know a thing or two about trends.

All you need to do is take a short quiz that tells us your preferences and proportions, and we’ll send you a gorgeous new outfit each month that meets your specifications perfectly.

Not instantly in love with our selection for you? Just send it back, drop us a line, and we’ll send you something new until we get it right. We’re making the picks, but you’re in control!

In Conclusion

There is no finish line when it comes to fashion trends, and you’ve always got skin in the game.

Try on our suggestions for size, and opt for an activewear subscription service to get some extra guidance from the tastemakers of the activewear industry.



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