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Budget-Friendly Yoga Outfits for Outdoor Adventures

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Regular yoga practice and time spent in nature seem to go hand in hand.  It is much easier to focus on proper, deep breathing techniques with access to fresh, clean air and it is easier to enjoy the calm and meditative states without being surrounded by the many potential distractions indoors.

Unfortunately, many yoga clothing manufacturers don’t take workouts performed in the great outdoors into consideration when producing their products.  So, if you don’t take care in your selection you might end up with a great looking pair of yoga pants or a top that only lasts a few sessions.  

Considering the cost of yoga outfits today, you want to make sure that you make purchases that will stand up to whatever your regular training sessions will bring.  The last thing you need in the middle of yoga practice is losing focus or feeling stress because your brand new yoga pants have a tear or your top has become stained or stretched.

Don’t Base Your Entire Decision on Price

When it comes to yoga outfits and gear, as with many other fitness related products, it is easy to follow the old adage of “you get what you pay for”.  And while it is advisable to not simply go for the cheapest pair of pants or top on the rack (because of the potential for low quality materials or issues with garment construction), you don’t necessarily need to opt for the most expensive yoga outfit to ensure quality.

You know the stresses and strains that yoga places on your body--the very same stresses get placed upon your yoga outfit.  And performing your yoga workout on grass, rock or other unforgiving surfaces tends to magnify the stress that your outfit is under. Closely inspect the seams of your yoga pants and tops, particularly around the knees and seat, and make sure the garment is put together well.  

Consider Color, Pattern and Style

Keep in mind that your outdoor yoga adventures will likely put your outfits in close contact with grass, dirt and potentially mud depending on the recent weather conditions.  A white top or light pink yoga pants may hold up perfectly well in the climate controlled studio where they touch nothing but your yoga mat, but yoga workouts can get a bit dirtier in the great outdoors.

In addition to looking for well constructed garments, you definitely want to lean toward yoga outfits that are less likely to show stains if you plan on doing regular outdoor yoga workouts.  

Choose darker colors that won’t be ruined upon their first contact with grass or dirt.

yoga outfits

Finding the Right Yoga Outfits at the Right Price

It can be tempting to shop the discount outlets to try to save a few bucks - especially if your budget is a bit tight.  While it is possible to find some good deals at discount stores, this isn’t always the best strategy to fill out your yoga wardrobe.  Some discount stores feature mostly items made overseas and quality can be an issue - if the majority of your yoga workouts will take place out in nature, it is critical that your outfits are constructed well if you want them to last.

Start by finding brands that deliver the complete package when it comes to yoga outfits--pants and tops that are comfortable, that fit well, that are made from the best materials and that are built to last.  Once you’ve identified the brands that you love, then you can focus on finding them for the best prices.

You can shop major retailers directly, looking for sales--this could require a little bit of hunting and perfect timing, but could result in some excellent deals on some top brands.  You could also jon YogaClub and get the most popular brands and styles of yoga gear delivered directly to your door at deep discounts.

Your outdoor yoga adventure requires the right gear, but that gear doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank.  With just a little bit of exploring, online or in person, you can find the best yoga outfits for your needs for well within your budget.

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