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6 Yoga Clothing Brands All Yogis Must Get to Know

yoga clothing brands

When it comes to dressing for a yoga class, you definitely want to ensure that you are equipping yourself to be comfortable in order to have the most productive and enjoyable session possible. Because there are many different brands, sometimes finding the right one can be overwhelming.

We know that you want to shop with a brand that has it all: great products, affordable prices, and a mission that you can stand behind. To help you make the best possible choices surrounding what to wear when you’re gearing up to hit the mat, we have compiled a list of brands you absolutely must try.


This brand is really doing its part for our planet. Founded by Lindsay Hemric, these clothes are American made in Los Angeles. Lindsay founded Teeki to help preserve the Earth, producing clothes out of recycled plastic bottles, turning them into breathable, sweat-wicking polyester fiber. Besides their respectable mission, Teeki’s yoga apparel is also high quality. The elastic-free waistbands mean comfort and their four way stretch material moves with you through any pose. The clothing showcases bright colors and vibrant designs that are sure to catch anyone’s eye.

yoga clothing brands


Nux was founded in 2008 and has been providing high-quality active wear to women ever since! Their style is versatile and they have something for everyone! They offer clothes in a range of colors and styles, selling tank tops, camisoles, t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, and shorts. All are made of microfiber nylons and proprietary natural fibers, which are soft, seamless, and comfortable. Their clothing offers strong yet movable compression, helping to support any body. Nux’s products also boast stay-dry technology that keep you cool in the toughest of workouts, absorbing moisture and remaining breathable. Nux operates under the belief that equipping women with clothes that allow them to be comfortable and feel good will help them to be the best they can be.


Jala founder Kelly Kolterman founded this amazing brand based on her yearning to express her creativity, with the name itself meaning “sacred waters of life”. Water is known to embody traits such as transformation, creativity, and adaptability. Clearly passionate about yoga, Jala owns a studio and is working on developing yoga therapy to help those with injuries and illnesses. She has worked to include these principles in the clothes she creates. All of the clothes stretch with you as you evolve in your yoga practice and, thus, within your life.


This brand has a fashion forward attitude as the clothes are produced in Los Angeles, and they simultaneously keep key principles in mind. These include simplicity, mindfulness, and inclusivity. The founder of the brand practiced Bikram Yoga for 20 years prior to founding Onzie, then designing each piece to be functional in the studio while remaining stylish enough to wear out on the town. These clothes can stand up to the moisture of the ocean or a pool, meaning they are quick-drying and making them the perfect choice for a Bikram class that leads to an abundance of sweat.

yoga clothing brands


Peter Sterios founded Manduka back in 1997 and it all started with a sleek black yoga mat with an unmatched grip and stellar support. Now, the brand boasts a full line of yoga products, including towels, accessories, and apparel. The company has a focus on sustainability and they make a large effort to produce as little waste as possible. Their towels are made out of recycled water bottles and the lift blocks are made from natural cork or recycled foam. Finally, their apparel line is made from raw fibers and natural materials. This is a brand you can certainly feel good about supporting, and we know that you’ll love their products.


This is a newer brand that originated in 2010 in Brazil, but it’s one that packs some serious punch. Their clothes are perfect for the modern woman, with a focus on how each is unique from the next. They pride themselves on producing comfortable and versatile clothes that are made from raw materials that are good for the planet. We love how they have a full line of items that veer away from the norm with skirts, dresses, and even full body jumpsuits.

All of these brands have many great points about them, making them the perfect choice to equip you for your next yoga class to maximize your comfort and confidence levels. With their noble missions and natural products, these picks simply cannot be beat!

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