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Yoga Plus Size Clothing and Other Concerns of the Body Positive Yogi

plus size yoga clothes

While many might think of yogis as skinny women capable of twisting themselves into pretzels, true yogis know that yoga and its immense health benefits are for everyone. But let’s be honest, it can be a bit of a challenge to find yoga apparel in plus sizes that feels and looks as good as your body does after a Vinyasa flow.

Yoga is about feeling your best, and we’d be lying if we said that doesn’t also extend to what you’re wearing and the styles you’re rocking. As athleisure wear becomes even more popular as a fashion choice for more than just fitness, it’s natural to crave activewear and yoga bras that express your style.

Since you’re looking for a yoga outfit that fits your practice, lounge time, and more, you should be able to find a look that suits you. So if you’re a body positive yogi who is looking for plus size yoga clothes either for yourself or to empower some of your friends, here are some tips and tricks for finding a style that suits your body and your style.

Activewear That Helps You Move

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and happy in what you’re wearing, and that includes your yoga gear. There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for body-positive yoga clothes. First, make sure it’s something you’re comfortable and able to move freely in. Yoga pants or shorts should be form-fitting, but not so tight that you can’t move or hate the way your body looks. Sports bras should feel secure and supportive. We love pairing a cute strappy sports bra with a flowy top!

Look for designers that include mesh panels in their activewear—these allow great breathing room and provide more give for when you’re stretching your clothing during your workout. You also want to make sure the fabric is durable and long-lasting; by nature, activewear gets more of a beating than the rest of our clothes.

plus size yoga clothes

If you love your yoga in the park or on the beach, consider a pair of leggings that have UV sun-protection built into the fabric. Protect your body and look chic while you practice.

A Pop of Color

Body positivity is all about honoring the skin in your in, and what better way to show it off than with loud prints and colors?

It can be a real challenge to find activewear in anything but black and grey in yoga plus size clothing. This is no knock on those who love the naturally slimming look of black and grey, but some of us crave a pop of color with our yoga practice.

Increasingly, more boutique athletic wear designers are offering colored and patterned leggings, tank tops, and more. Use color-blocking and accent colors to spice up your workout wardrobe. Find a patterned pair of leggings or a colorful top and pair it with all that inevitable black and grey.

plus size activewear

The Full Figure Sports Bra

Let’s be honest, finding the right kind of workout support for a plus size body can be quite a challenge. Either they don’t make a bra with adequate support for your body or you have a smaller chest and sports bras don’t have a wide enough band to accompany your plus size needs.

Many women resort to wearing two sports bras on top of each other, which is always an option, but it’s not the most comfortable choice. When shopping for the perfect yoga sports bra, look for brands that offer “full figure support,” which generally will include a wider range of cup sizes and band sizes. You can also look into bra extenders if you want to get the best, most comfortable fit possible.

You don’t need as much support for yoga as you might for running or jogging, so you can opt for a soft-control sports bra, which has a softer, less compressing fit. Mostly, you just want a bra with full coverage, which fortunately, many outlets offer in a wide range of colors and patterns—if you’re dying for that pop of color in your outfit, a cute sports bra that peeks out from your tank (or that you rock solo), might be the answer to your workout needs.

You shouldn’t have to compromise style for comfort! Plus size yoga clothing exists and many companies, like YogaClub, want to make you feel beautiful no matter what. We can all live as body positive yogis simply by loving ourselves more.

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