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5 Top Brands for Organic Yoga Workout Clothes

organic yoga clothing

Organic clothing is becoming more and more popular, and that doesn’t exclude the world of yoga. The list of benefits of wearing these garments goes on and on--from low-impact production efforts that are better for the planet to healthier wear for yourself as this clothing has less chemicals, organic clothing is also proven to last longer - giving you more bang for your buck.

Furthermore, these non-GMO and all-around more sustainable articles of clothing are a better representation of what it means to be committed to a yoga-friendly lifestyle, as part of that passion involves becoming one with ourselves and surrounding ourselves with peacefulness. To fit all of your yoga clothing needs, take a look at our favorite organic yoga workout clothes providers and why we love them below.


Between working with Fair Trade Certified manufacturers and their commitment to giving back, this is undoubtedly one of the best and most reputable organic yoga clothing brands out there. The company was founded back in 1992 on a belief of sustainability, and they use materials such as organic cotton, hemp, recycled wool, and recycled polyester. We also love all of the ways their company gives back, which includes their Natural Power Initiative to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and encourage the development of renewable energy.

Lily Lotus

With beautiful yoga clothing that you can feel good about wearing, Lily Lotus is a brand worth supporting. Besides their bright colored clothing and eye-catching designs, they manufacture all of their clothes in the US and they have a focus on using both eco-friendly materials and sustainable business practices. Another great point to the brand is their focus on empowering and inspiring women through events they host at their boutique store in Hawaii.

organic yoga clothing

Cozy Orange

Perfect for a modern, yoga-loving woman, Cozy Orange boasts a flattering and attractive line of organic clothing. This brand uses sustainable materials such as supplex, lycra, recycled plastic bottles, recycled micropolyester, tactel, nylon, and recycled polyester. Besides all of their packaging being made of recycled and reusable materials, the company is also known to give back through their donations to World Vision and

Earth Yoga

This company surely achieved their founding goal of creating eco-friendly yoga clothes that are fashionable and affordable as they’re now one of the most celebrated brands of their kind to date! The company launched in 2008 and is backed by a staff that has not only 20 years experience in apparel design and merchandising but also 15 years under their belts of practicing yoga. Who better to create clothes for the sport than actual tried and true practitioners? They use creative materials to construct their clothing, with a list ranging from recycled plastic bottles to organic cotton to rayon from bamboo. Finally, it’s notable that all of their dyes are lead, phthalates, and heavy metals-free, making their clothing a healthy choice that you can feel good about wearing. And not to mention, their line is fashionable, comfortable, and fun to wear!

Green Apple

This company has created a renowned line of yoga clothing, all made from organic and biodegradable materials. The founder, Cristofer Smith, has quite the background, having worked with 13 brands prior to this one, some of them even winning awards. Green Apple clothing is not only comfortable and sustainable, but it does not sacrifice fashion as the line boasts a trendy and modern look. Another plus of the company is that all of their products are manufactured in WRAP certified facilities that have fair labor conditions. Finally, we adore the fact that their fabrics boast Patented UltaSupportTM, which is a fabric that has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that are shared with a range of synthetic fabrics. The difference is that these clothes are made with all natural materials, which means you can feel great about wearing them!

When it comes to yoga workout clothes, going organic is the obvious choice. With sustainable and reputable brands like these, the decision is truly a no-brainer! There’s no need to sacrifice comfort or fashion with these options at your fingertips, allowing you to enjoy clothes that are good for your body as well as the planet.

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