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Looking for a Yoga Box from YogaClub? Here's What to Expect

Finding quality yoga clothing isn’t always easy. The right fit, breathable fabric, durable stitching--too often it feels like you can only get two out of three!

All your yoga clothing problems will vanish when you take a look inside a YogaClub subscription box. This yoga box offers a collection of yoga clothes that reflect your personal style, shipped directly to your door! We’ve done all the legwork for you, so you can choose from awesome gear from our partner brands, and exchange anything you don’t like until you’ve cultivated the perfect wardrobe.

So once you’ve placed your order, what can you expect?

When Will Your Yoga Box Arrive?

Once you’ve been styled by our experts and selected your box, your first order will be shipped to you within 48-72 hours. Most orders take between 4-10 days for delivery. But here’s the very best part: once you’ve started your membership, you will receive a yoga box once every month!

What’s In The Box?

This is the big question, the one you’re probably reading this blog for. The contents of your yoga box are going to vary depending on your personal style and the kind of membership you enroll in. However, there are a few things we can promise will be in every box you receive.

Unlike other subscription boxes, that only give you one article of clothing (plus maybe an accessory), a YogaClub box gives you everything you need for a complete look. Typically, a box will contain a pair of yoga pants and a top of some sort. We’ll either add a sports bra or a hoodie (or sometimes both), so you can be comfortable and ready for your yoga practice at any time and in any weather.  

How Do I Exchange Things?

Everyone wants to enjoy their yoga clothes--because let’s be honest, we wear them on and off the mat. And if you’re going to be living in your yoga clothes, it’s important that the items you get in your subscription box suit your style and personality. With the YogaClub box, it is easy to find that perfect look; not only are the items hand-picked based on your style profile, you can easily exchange any items you receive for something you’ll really adore.

What Do Other Yogis Have to Say?

We’ve been providing yogis with beautiful, comfortable clothing for a while now, but we still love seeing how unique each YogaClub box can be! Don’t believe us? See for yourself with these amazing unboxing videos from our members:



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