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The Best NUX Clothing Outfits For Travel

good travel outfits

Traveling is always fun, but it can sometimes be challenging to pack the perfect outfits! Whether you’re going on a beach vacation, visiting a city filled with hustle-and-bustle, or heading off for the adventure of a lifetime, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to be equipped to feel good, look great, and wear items that are functional.

Lucky for you, NUX clothing will provide you with everything you need to look stylish and feel comfortable no matter where your travels take you!

The Perfect Plane Apparel

When you’re on a plane, it’s vital to stay comfy and cozy. During the flight, you may want to read, sleep, listen to a favorite podcast, or do anything else that makes you feel relaxed. Wearing the right clothes contributes to your ability to enjoy the start of the traveling process! NUX’s clothes are comfortable enough to make any flight a dream.

good travel outfits

NUX’s Citizen Sweats have the comfort of pajama pants while remaining stylish enough to wear while you’re on the go! While their leggings provide compression to aid with circulation as you fly. Wear either style  with a lightweight and loose fitting Ricky Long Sleeved Pullover to feel comfortable and stylish as you jet off to your exciting destination!

If You’re Headed to Bali for a Yoga Retreat

If you’re making the trip to Bali for a meditative yoga retreat, we have the perfect NUX clothing travel outfits for you! You’ll need an outfit that’s perfect to wear to any healing treatments you’ll be seeking while you’re on your trip—since Bali plays host to a range of holistic healing options.

For any type of retreat, pack clothing that’s loose fitting and comfortable! NUX’s long sleeve tops are a great choice as it offers a slightly loose fit and comfortable feel since it’s made out of soft cotton, maintaining a lightweight feel. For bottoms, opt for NUX’s comfortable shorts, made with breathable material and conveniently featuring a pocket to hold your must have items!

If You’re Soaking up the Sun in Jamaica

Jamaica is home to Jake’s Treasure Beach, which caters both to yogis and families with children, making it a great spot for a combination trip! Besides it being a great spot to say “namaste”, it’s also the perfect vacation spot for relaxation, to enjoy the beach, and for soaking up some Jamaican culture!

good travel outfits

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For the yoga sessions on the beach or a tour of the island, you need clothing that can breathe. NUX clothing can provide just that—try pairing their New Strappy Bra with their Ombre Lilly Shorts. Not only do they both come in bright colors to go with the sunshine on the island, but they also offer just enough coverage to keep you comfortable while practicing. The best part? They’re light enougto keep you from overheating as you soak up the sun while you strike a yoga pose!

If You’re Enjoying the Wilderness in Montana

If you’re looking to become one with nature, Montana is a must-see. Known for its beautiful scenery, snow-capped mountains, and exciting wildlife experiences, Montana is the perfect place to go if you’re looking to truly get away from it all.

good travel outfits

To ensure that you’re up for any adventure — whether it’s hiking, horseback riding, or going on a scenic walk to snap some epic photos — pack outfits that are up for the challenge! NUX’s Madison Pullover is ultra comfortable without sacrificing style, and it’s a lightweight and breathable option that’s perfect for outdoor wear, especially when you’re doing something active. This is also a great layering top, which is ideal when you’re hopping from one activity from the next. Pair this pullover with NUX’s form-fitting Freedom Tank, showcasing light compression and a seamless racerback style. Wear these tops with their comfortable Bee’s Knees leggings, whose seamless waistband and low to mid rise fit are comfortable and functional when you’re on the go!

Lucky for frequent travelers, NUX clothing is fun to wear, makes you feel stylish, and is durable enough to make it through trip after trip! Bringing the right outfits is the first step to ensuring you feel your best, so simplify the packing process by using these outfit ideas to match the destination you’ll be enjoying and exploring.


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