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5 Reasons You Should be Pumped to Find NUX in Your Yogi Box

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So, you’ve decided to make your workouts easier (and your wallet happier) by having high quality yoga gear delivered right to your door with YogaClub. You’ll been styled in  some cool pieces including  yoga pants, tanks and hooded tops so you’ll be ready for every workout environment and you can’t wait for your first yogi box to arrive.

Believe us, there’s nothing like opening your first box!

At YogaClub, we only work with the best yoga and fitness brands to make sure you look and feel your best in every outfit. That’s why we’re proud to include NUX as one of our partners and here’s why you should be thrilled too:

High Quality

NUX is focused on producing garments that perform at an optimal level on the mat, gym or track. NUX yoga pants and tops are engineered to move with your body throughout the most challenging poses and postures — without riding up, snagging or constricting your body. for trying a new inversion or higher intensity workout! NUX means you’ll have the most effective yoga practice or workout possible.

NUX’s compression garments are also knitted in one piece, which means fewer possible points of failure. This gear has no seams to unravel or burst, which means you can remain confident that your body will remain covered (no wardrobe malfunctions) throughout even the most intense sessions.

Maximum Comfort

NUX activewear designers know that no two women are built the same. In order to accommodate women of every shape and size, NUX offers pieces in four different compression levels. NUX yoga pants and tops come in levels with zero compression to maximum compression so you can customize the fit of each garment specific to your completely unique body type and favorite way to sweat.

Having the ability to mix and match compression levels from tops to bottoms and with different styles ensures that you’ll have the most comfortable workout possible each and every time you step on the mat.

yogi box


In addition to making multiple styles of compression garments, Nux also has looser fitting short and long sleeve tops. These unique pieces still work great on the yoga mat, but they are also ideal for wearing outside of the studio.

NUX makes cute and comfortable gear that you can wear to the office, out to lunch or even for a night on the town.

Unique Style

There are brands out there that offer little more than just plain “vanilla” when it comes to cuts, colors and designs of yoga gear and others that only seem to have completely off the wall options. When you wear NUX activewear, you get the best of both worlds.

NUX not only puts together some of the highest quality yoga gear, they also offer some of the most beautiful and flattering designs as well. Every piece of NUX clothing is built to perform on the yoga mat, but the designs go well beyond the basics to really make you look great while you workout or while you chill out.

NUX Cares

Nux clothing is 100% manufactured in the USA. The company is doing their part to ensure that your friends, family and neighbors have jobs and that local communities are supported. This piece of the puzzle helps to closely monitor and control the quality of materials and the quality of construction while creating multiple jobs here in the states.

Signing up for a yogi box to get high quality yoga gear delivered to your door every month takes the guesswork and hassle out of workout preparation. Plus, it’s fun! When your yogi box includes incredible brands like NUX, you can feel confident that every single workout will be productive and comfortable and that you’ll be perfectly outfitted for success on and off the mat.

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