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5 Things to Know About Shipping For Your YogaClub Box

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Why join a yoga box club like YogaClub? Well, practicing yoga can be incredibly soothing - it can literally melt away the stress of the day or prepare you to fully tackle any challenge for a coming new day, but shopping for high quality yoga clothes can be a serious challenge that leaves you totally flustered.  

First of all, you are limited to the stock and the prices of the store or studio you visit. You may find the most adorable top, in every size but your own, or find a super comfortable pair of yoga pants in a pattern or color that doesn’t suit your style.

Even if you find the perfect pair of yoga pants or top, paying full price for quality gear at a small boutique can cost a fortune. Thankfully, joining a yoga box club is a better way to get the best yoga apparel at the best prices - let’s take a look below at 5 things you need to know about shipping for your YogaClub subscription box so you can get great yoga clothes delivered right to your door:

yoga box club

The YogaClub Box Ships 48 Hours After Payment

We ship out your custom yoga box within 48-72 hours of your bill date. This means you will be able to slip into your brand new, cute, and comfortable yoga leggings and tops in no time - without ever having to go through the hassle of driving to the store and struggling to find the perfect fit.

You Control How Often You Get a Yoga Box

Unlike many other subscription services, you aren’t bound to a schedule that doesn’t work for you. You can increase or decrease the frequency of your deliveries as it suits your specific needs.

All it takes is a simple e-mail to or a quick phone call to customer service (855) 740-2626 and one of our team members will change up the frequency of your regular shipments so you get the amount and style of yoga clothes that you need, when you need them.

You Can Exchange Items You Don’t Like

If an item arrives at your doorstep that just doesn’t look or feel right, you can exchange it for a different item that is more your style. Simply fill out our exchange request form here or access the form through your YogaClub account.

Our exchange process is fast, easy and ensures that you’ll never be stuck with yoga apparel that isn’t perfect for you.

yoga box club

Don’t Like What You’re Getting? Change Your Style Preferences

If there ever comes a time where you feel the need to change things up when it comes to the look, length, or style of the yoga apparel you are receiving, we make it easy! Our new style quiz helps you identify the yoga clothes that will look and feel great, perfectly fitting your unique style.

You take the quiz, our yoga stylists make the adjustments to your account, and you’ll see the changes when your next box arrives. It really couldn’t be any easier to ensure that the perfect yoga clothes are arriving at your door (just make sure to take the quiz more than 72 hours prior to your next scheduled bill date or the changes may not occur until the following month).

Cancel Your Subscription to our Yoga Box Club Any Time

We have a hassle-free cancelation policy.  If, for any reason, you want to stop receiving the best quality yoga clothes right to your door, simply place a quick call to our customer service team during regular business hours to cancel your YogaClub subscription.

Our experienced professionals are available from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST at (855) 740-2626 and they can provide assistance with cancelling your subscription, making changes to your account, adjusting your delivery schedule and more.

YogaClub takes all the headaches and hassle out of getting the perfect yoga clothes. With your subscription, you’ll get the highest quality yoga clothes, at incredible discounts, delivered right to your door. This lets you focus on your yoga practice and stay healthy (physically and mentally) always knowing that you’ll be prepared with the best yoga gear any yoga box club has to offer.

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