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5 Ways to Accessorize Your Yoga Leggings

yoga leggings

Athleisure wear is today’s hottest fashion trend. Valuing function and comfort, styles of athleisure wear have emerged that aren’t just for athletics. As new styles, colors, and print have come out, athleisure has become accepted in wider circles, from casual get togethers to nights on the town and even in the workplace.

The next question to answer is what to wear to make your leggings look as chic as you are? The answers are easy! Here are five ways to accessorize your yoga pants so you can go anywhere!

Choose Sporty Fashions

The main key to accessorizing your yoga pants is to keep the rest of the style similarly active. Choose comfortable, casual fabrics like cotton, denim or leather, and save the silks and fancy or vintage accessories for another day. Camis, casual jackets, wraps and tanks can all complement your look for almost any situation. Accent with wedge heels, casual sunglasses, and a wrap for a day out, or match with layers of tank and tees or a sweater for running around town.

Use Your Yoga Pants Like Leggings

With bold prints and designs, yoga pants work under a dress or trench like leggings or hose. This can be a stylish addition that keeps you warm in the winter, and paired with some boots or a long coat can be a great style for going out for some holiday shopping. In the summer, you can use your capris under a sundress for picnics and outdoor gatherings. Pair them with sandals and a shirt around the waist for those cool nights by the water.

Don’t Be Afraid of Yoga Pants in the Office

As more styles of yoga pants become more accepted, yoga pants are actually becoming a business-casual style. Last year, fashion gurus were warning us that we should keep our yoga pants and office attire as separate as possible, but this year has seen a rise in styles and cuts that fit in at work. Plus, the more welcome attitude toward yoga at many offices gives you an excuse to wear them! Give your yoga pants an office look with some flats, a casual blazer and a short dress.

yoga leggings

Give Your Yoga Pants Some Sexy Chic

Yoga pants can even give you a stylish look for going out on the town. Whether it’s a night at the club or a brunch date in the morning, the right accessories can give your yoga pants the perfect accent. Cut-outs with a sheer cover-up and some heels bring on the chic for a nightlife look. A flare skirt and a pullover can give your yoga pants a casual cute ambiance.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Amidst all of these gorgeous looks should be awesome accessories. Pairing your look with the right shoes, boots, and garnishes can make a bold statement. Shawls, scarves and wraps can enhance a great ensemble. Jewelry is key, however. Accentuating your look with a bracelet, watch, or earrings can give just the vibe you’re looking for. Match your yoga leggings with a small over-the-shoulder purse for on the go, a clutch for dancing the night away, or a small backpack for a day at the beach.

Yoga pants are here to stay, and finding their way everywhere. Businesses are making their dress codes more casual. Yoga clothing designers are creating innovative styles. Ladies are not just wearing their yoga pants at home, and they are looking fabulous doing it. Follow these fashion tips to bring yoga pants into your style!

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