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5 Reasons Why YogaClub Makes Life Easier

I’ll admit it: my favorite guilty pleasure is subscription boxes. There’s nothing better than getting a box of goodies delivered to your door, making any day feel like Christmas all over again. I’m so obsessed, I usually try a subscription box for a couple of months, then cancel so I can try something new. But, that all stopped when I signed up for YogaClub.

I was first introduced to Yogaclub when I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and came across an ad with a girl wearing the cutest ombre leggings from Niyama Sol. My first thought was, “there is no way I’m going to be able to afford a subscription box that comes with an entire outfit,” especially since they advertise that they only carry the best yoga brands.

yogaclub box

I ended up checking out their website and read some online YogaClub reviews that completely changed my mind. Was I reading this right? Could I really get an outfit that retails at nearly $200 for only $79/month?! I decided to sign up thinking I would keep a membership for a few months and then cancel. Well, here we are eight months later and I have zero plans to end my membership

My YogaClub subscription has completely transformed what I thought I could and couldn’t afford with activewear. I thought I had to pay an arm and a leg for high end yoga brands that sported all the latest tech and styles. With YogaClub, I rock the latest and greatest in yoga wear for a fraction of the cost, and I get tons of compliments, too!

The entire process is so individualized, which makes the overall experience so much better. When you sign up for YogaClub, you first take a style quiz so their expert stylists better understand your clothing preferences. And, after you receive your box, you’re even able to review your outfit so your personal stylist can deliver better styles the next time around!

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The fact that YogaClub listens to their member’s feedback is why they absolutely stand out. For my first few boxes, I received really cute sports bras, but they didn’t have padding in them, so I really wasn’t wearing them. I finally ended up mentioning that to my stylist, and low and behold, my next box came with the cutest black strappy sports bra, with padding! 

This company really strives to understand you as an individual, which is truly evident by their personalized styling process and how much they listen to the feedback of their members. And, if you still end up getting a product you aren’t crazy about, they offer a super easy exchange process online. This company has completely transformed my closet and has taken the hassle out of sorting through clearance racks to find deals on the trendiest yoga clothing brands.

If you’re not yet convinced, then I’ve broken down the top five reasons why YogaClub makes life easier. 

yogaclub box

  1. Get the best of the best among yoga apparel delivered right to your door, without having to step foot into a store! Perfect for those who don’t have the time to shop or aren’t a fan of sorting through clothing racks themselves.
  2. Benefit from insider prices that you would never find in stores for brands that you will completely fall in love with. There’s nothing better than getting the best yoga brands in the biz for a fraction of the cost!
  3. Get access to a professional and expert stylist whose job is to know and understand your exact yoga style. Since someone else is keeping up with the trends for you, you’ll have more time for yourself!
  4. If you aren’t sold on the outfit you receive, you can easily exchange your pieces for something you love. What other yoga clothing subscription box does that?
  5. You can feel great about the yoga gear you’re wearing since YogaClub offers brands that use recycled materials. 

Let’s just say, subscription boxes are my thing. I’ve tried more than I can count and, hands down, YogaClub is my absolute favorite. If you’re considering giving it a try, don’t hesitate. Trust me, when that adorable pink box arrives to your doorstep, you’ll be so glad you treated yourself to YogaClub!

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Lauren Cartmel is a yoga and fitness enthusiast who focuses on the benefits that exercise has on mental health. She is on a mission to help others reduce stress and anxiety through physical and mental well being.
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