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The Best Yoga Apparel to Wear to Class

Yoga apparel has become a best friend of mine over the past 10 years. After velour jogging suits left the scene (yes, I did that too!), in walked leggings from the 80’s with a new, revamped style and look to fit every purpose, occasion and body. 

Going to brunch? Just toss on some yoga pants with wedges and one of your long sleeved yoga tops, and out the door you go! 

Going to the gym? Grab your compression yoga leggings with that cute, matching bra top, one of your backless yoga shirts (duh, to see your cute strappy bra!) and boom, your outfit is complete! 

Going out? Grab one of those comfy yoga outfits you own so those jeans don’t dig into your belly and make you wish you were home by 9pm. Yoga clothes fit every single occasion! 

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But, back to the topic at hand. What is the best yoga apparel to wear to class? It all depends on the type of yoga for the class, your preferred style and your wallet. With the influx of new activewear companies, there’s now the option to join an amazing yoga subscription box that allows you to try the best yoga brands at discount prices (this option is my personal favorite). You can receive a monthly yoga box that contains quality yoga clothes at the fraction you would pay for the entire outfit in store. Best news? Yoga wear is no longer just for yoga; it’s for brunch, traveling, lounging, working out, yard work, and living your best life!

If you’ve ever been to a Bikram yoga class, you know either from experience or studio suggestions to NEVER wear cotton in the hot room. It’s almost an unspoken rule. Cotton isn’t breathable; therefore, it doesn’t wick moisture away from your body. Instead, it absorbs it and becomes absolutely soaked, making you feel hotter. It may sound crazy, but long leggings can be the best for the hot studio as they catch sweat, while also allowing you to find your grip in poses like standing bow. 

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If you’re like me and love flowy yoga tops, consider what yoga positions you will be in during your class. If downward facing dog and inversions are sprinkled throughout your practice, you may want to consider fitted yoga tops instead. Have you ever done a standing wide leg forward fold and just sucked your shirt straight into your nostrils while trying to breathe?! I have, and it’s not pretty! 

Although yoga is my passion, weight lifting has had my heart since college before I was introduced to yoga. My absolute favorite yoga clothing for the weight room is compression! It holds you in while hugging your curves just right. With the variety of certifications and styles of classes I have taught throughout the years, yoga clothes have been my go-to in and out of the studio. Between barre, cycle, TRX, yoga, Pilates, and weights, yoga wear has never let me down and has always allowed me to move freely with confidence. 

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A great way to try out a large variety of yoga clothing brands and styles is a yoga clothes subscription box. There are several out there now, but YogaClub is the only one that allows you to try multiple well-known brands of yoga clothes for women. Some of the best yoga clothes brands I have received in my YogaClub box are Beyond Yoga, Niyama Sol, Manduka, Onzie, Vie Active and Teeki! These are only some of the brands that YogaClub offers to their subscribers with a list that continues to grow. It’s the best way to not only get high quality yoga clothes, but also an affordable way to try new brands and styles. They have even made it easy to fit all bodies with sizing from XS to 3X! Their all inclusive sizes are perfect for every woman during every phase of her life!

So, what’s the best yoga apparel for class? Anything that you feel comfortable and confident in! Want to try some new styles and yoga brands to see what you like best? Then, give YogaClub a try!

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Kristen Hopkins is a CYT 200 trained in Vinyasa, Hot and Restorative yoga with a variety of other fitness specialties from barre, TRX, yoga and cycle living. She currently teaches in Nashville, TN and strives to make her classes adaptable to all levels. Most of her free time is spent traveling with her amazing husband to support their three athletic children or getting all the cuddles from their 4 rescue pups.
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