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Why You Should Get a Yoga Jumpsuit

Yoga may be an ancient tradition, but we in the modern world always seem to find a way to innovate. Just in the past several decades, we’ve seen the introduction of new yoga styles, interesting equipment-based practices, and plenty of clothes that help us look and feel great as we master complex flows and poses.

One of the most interesting innovations to come along in the world of yoga fashion is the jumpsuit. You might know it as a leotard, a one-piece, a onesie, or a bodysuit – whatever you call it, it’s a stylish and convenient way to dress for yoga class and perform at your peak.

Maybe the idea of wearing a yoga jumpsuit is totally beyond your realm of imagination, or perhaps you’ve been considering it for a while and just need a bit more convincing.

As super fans of the yoga jumpsuit, we are happy to make a case for this unique article of clothing right now. In this article, we’ll be talking about a few key advantages to the yoga jumpsuit, how to select the best garments for your needs, and some other factors to consider when shopping for yoga clothes in general.

Let’s delay no further and dive right into yoga jumpsuits.

Quickness and Convenience

Don’t be mistaken for thinking that jumpsuits are a new invention by any means. Think back through a long history of women’s dance and athletic wear traditions, and you’ll surely see these types of one-piece uniforms appear all over the place.

It only seems to be recently, however, that the yoga crowd has figured out the many benefits of the jumpsuit in pursuing their craft.

The first and most obvious reason why yoga ladies are loving jumpsuits right now? They’re just so convenient to slip on and off, before and after class. Simplicity is everything in the world of yoga!

Apply that principle to clothing, and the jumpsuit is the only logical conclusion.

Just think about how many times you’ve stood in front of the mirror as the clock counts down, and you need to make a choice. Purple top, black leggings? Grey top, blue leggings? All black? All pink? Shorts? Capris?

Before you know it, you’re late for class, and you aren’t even satisfied with your outfit.

By loading up on a set of jumpsuits, you eliminate a ton of that style anxiety and speed up the physical process of getting changed into your activewear. Even if you save just ten minutes a day, that adds up to over an hour of extra time every week!

In this fast-paced world, any chunk of saved time is valuable, so don’t overlook the power of a jumpsuit that buys time.

Besides, a jumpsuit just puts your style on autopilot – at least to a degree. You still might need to pick out a top and maybe pair some shoes to walk and drive to and from the studio, but the essentials of your outfit are fully accounted for without a second thought.

For those indecisive yogis out there (we’ve been there, all of us), this can be a huge relief and allows us to focus on the stuff that matters – breathing, relaxing, and performing our best.

Comfort and Durability

Aside from the convenience factor, jumpsuits offer a level of comfort like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Imagine your favorite combination of yoga pants and the perfect-fitting top, then mash them together into the ultimate one-piece creation.

From top to bottom, you get total coverage, meaning you don’t have to worry about excessive wedging or fabric getting in the way at the worst possible time. What’s worse than exiting a downward-dog position and having to readjust fabric around your crotch or tummy? That’s not where your attention should be!

The right jumpsuit will allow you to truly go with the flow from the beginning to the end of class, even during the most challenging types of ashtanga or vinyasa yoga. If you prefer a more relaxed style of meditative yoga, jumpsuits are also perfect, letting you relax fully and not worry about how your clothes are fitting or feeling in the moment.

Because modern yoga jumpsuits are made with quality, high-tech materials, they are far better for performance than the traditional unitards and leotards from back in the day.

For instance, you can find a form-fitting yoga jumpsuit made with the ideal blend of spandex, nylon, poly, and possibly a pinch of cotton. This allows you to experience a full, flexible range of motion, and enjoy breathable fabrics that regulate your body temperature when things really start to heat up.

These modern materials also feature moisture-wicking capabilities, which all serious yoga-lovers know is vitally important. You’re going to break a sweat at some point in class, and moisture-wicking fabrics will help keep you cool and dry during the toughest parts of a routine, especially if you’re doing hot yoga.

When it comes to longevity, yoga jumpsuits also offer a distinct advantage. They’re constructed to last a long time, opposed to the flimsy leotards you might have worn at a dance class in the past.

If properly cared for and washed, your jumpsuit will not wear thin anytime soon, and you won’t have to deal with inconvenient rips and tears that throw off your flow.

Functionality, comfort, durability, and more – these are just a few of the additional benefits you can expect from a yoga jumpsuit. Why not add a couple to your wardrobe now?

Jumpsuit Types to Consider

You might be intrigued by the features and capabilities of a yoga jumpsuit, but still wonder what styles are available to choose from. At first glance, it might appear that many one-piece outfits are the same in terms of style, but there’s actually a wide range of variety!

For starters, you’ve got a lot of variation in the upper body portion in many modern jumpsuits. Some of them take a more traditional approach with complete coverage on the chest, back, and shoulders, while others feature straps, deep-V-cuts, and unique designs across the upper back that show off some extra skin and style.

On the bottom half of the equation, there are even more fits and styles to choose from. Many yoga jumpsuits offer full coverage on the leg and end just above the ankle, while others give three-quarters coverage and offer the capri-pant look that is very on-trend.

There are also minimal one-piece outfits that cut off above the knee in a bike-shorts-style appearance. Other garments create a more short-shorts look and really emphasize the thighs and butt. Less coverage on the leg isn’t always ideal for performance but can feel great if you practice yoga in a park, on the beach, or in the comfort of your own living room.

It’s also worth mentioning that not all yoga jumpsuits are skin-tight and form-fitting, as you might imagine them to be. In reality, many of these outfits are quite loose and flowing, reminding us more of a romper-style garment than a pure piece of activewear.

All that extra fabric might not be conducive to a high-intensity yoga class, but if you just want to enjoy a low-key yoga practice at home or in the yard, these flowy garments are a great pick. Plus, they tend to come in very comfy fabrics and feature unique psychedelic designs that mesmerize.

Like with all types of activewear, you’ll see a range of forms and functionality when browsing yoga jumpsuits, and the style you pick will really depend on how you want to exercise and enjoy the garments.

Let Us Make Your Picks

By now, you probably know more about yoga jumpsuits than you ever thought you would! Still, it can be tricky to take that first step and pick out a garment that truly fits your lifestyle and body type.

Browsing the web for yoga jumpsuits is particularly difficult because you need to consider your body proportions from top to bottom, all at the same time. Just finding the right tops and bottoms is challenging enough!

That’s why we recommend you take a helping hand from activewear professionals when shopping around for yoga jumpsuits – at least to get started. Rather than playing a game of trial-and-error, sign up for an activewear subscription box from Yoga Club, and we’ll handle all the details.

Your only task is to fill out a simple quiz, let us know your style and sizes, and we send you a gorgeous, high-performance outfit once every month. This is the perfect way to try out yoga jumpsuits without wasting time or money.

Jumpsuits are just the beginning, of course! Our boxes contain classic tops, bottoms, accessories, and other pieces of gear you’ll be happy to add to your wardrobe. Start today and give your activewear collection the upgrade it deserves.



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