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Dressing the Best for a Pear-Shaped Body

The world’s top fashion experts and stylists take a unique approach to their craft, but there’s one common piece of wisdom that they all share: you’ve got to dress for your body type no matter the occasion.

Whether you’re striding down the runway at Fashion Week or strolling into a local coffee shop for a latte on a weekday, your outfits need to complement the proportions and dimensions of your body to maximize your best features and give you that key confidence boost.

You may think that anything goes when it comes to the gym or yoga classes. After all, you’re there to work out and get sweaty, not make a stunning first impression or grace the cover of a fashion magazine.

However, dressing for your body type is still super important for the gym, since it can actually help your performance during workouts and give you that extra self-esteem you need to make progress. If you’ve got the common pear-shaped body, you’re in luck – many of the most popular athleisure styles are going to be in your favor.

Today we’re talking about the best yoga, gym, and leisure gear that you should look for if you’ve got those pear-shaped dimensions. The team at YogaClub will give you a few styles that never fail, list some key features and fabrics, and give you an easy way to keep your wardrobe fresh for months and years to come. Let’s get to it!

Do You Have a Pear-Shaped Body?

Check out any chart of female body shapes, and you’re bound to see the pear shape featured front and center. In fact, this is one of the most common body shapes for women around the world!

No, it doesn’t precisely resemble the fruit you see on trees or in the grocery store, but the pear-shaped body has a few key characteristics across the board.

The main factor here is a lower body that is proportionally larger than the upper body, with a slimmer waist and wider hips. This may be your current, natural body type or the beach body of your dreams, but you need the clothes to complete the look.

If you’ve been wearing pear-shaped styles for years, you’ll already have an idea of what works and what doesn’t. Maybe you like to draw more attention to your neckline or put extra emphasis on your great hip-to-waist ratio.

We’re happy to offer some tips, but the point is that you should follow your own instincts and pick athletic gear that makes you feel amazing every time you walk out the door.

Also, keep in mind that everyone has unique dimensions and features, so don’t box yourself into a particular type of look if you don’t want to! Fashion is all about maximizing your own personal style and expressing your individuality – that goes for the gym, the yoga studio, and beyond.

With that said, picking out athletic gear is a bit different from traditional formal or casual wear for work and leisure. The fits and fabrics tend to be more form-fitting and sleek, so the items you choose matter more! Stay tuned, and we’ll provide some pro tips for tops, bottoms, and more.

Supportive and Stylish Tops

Whether you like to dedicate your time to the weight room, cardio area, yoga studio, or spin bike class, your top makes a difference in your performance and in public perception. Even if you like to work out solo at home or in the park, there’s no downside to looking good and getting the most out of your upper body flexibility and strength!

If you’ve got that pear shape, your focus should be finding tops that fit well, feel great, and give you a performance edge no matter what activity you choose.

In terms of fabrics, prioritize features like four-way stretch, moisture-wicking capabilities, and antimicrobial technology. Those cotton college sports t-shirts may have some sentimental value, but they don’t give you the look and athletic advantage you deserve!

Cotton may be easy to find and feel good, but it falls short in terms of fit and flexibility. The same goes for polyester on the other end of the spectrum. It might feel sporty and sleek, but that material doesn’t cool you down or keep you fresh for a long workout.

Look for tops that strike a perfect balance between the two extremes. A base of quality cotton, a portion of polyester, and maybe some rayon, nylon, or spandex for extra give. The best tops can do it all and flatter your physique at the same time.

As far as fit and style go, you can get away with many popular and trendy looks up top. It all depends on what you want to emphasize.

For starters, nothing beats a simple tank top that shows off your natural curves. You can go for a standard crew-neck look around the collar to keep things covered, or find a V-neck or scoop collar that reveals a bit more skin.

Make sure your tank top isn’t too tight or too loose and that it gives you enough support in the chest if you need it. The last thing you want is to be adjusting your shirt throughout an intense yoga session, so find the right balance of form and function for any tank top you choose.

For extra coverage on the arms, stick with a classic t-shirt or even a long-sleeve if you want. Just beware that this extra fabric may get in the way during your poses or lifts, so proceed with caution. You can always warm up with a cozy, flexible top layer and remove it halfway through the class or session once you’re ready.

Many pear-shaped women tend to be on the shorter side, so it may be wise to steer clear of those extra-long shirts and tanks that are so common in the world of yoga gear. Take some extra time to shop around for the best fit, and stick with the brands you know and love!

Comfy and Cool Leggings and Shorts

Once again, the pear-shaped among us have a lot of flexibility when it comes to leggings. You can wear almost anything you want on the lower half of your body as long as you’re comfortable, but there are some things to keep in mind.

If you want to divert attention away from your compact stature, it’s a good idea to avoid light-colored bottoms that contrast with the background of the studio, gym, or yoga mat. If you’re on the taller side, however, lighter tones get the green light.

Most standard leggings will do the job for the pear-shaped crowd, but avoid gear that is extremely tight. You’ve already got those wide hips and curves, so super-sheer leggings may not be so comfortable or attractive, depending on your dimensions.

Try several different types of leggings to get those ideal proportions and avoid getting wedged up in the wrong places during a class or session.

Finally, you may want to avoid shorts and capri-style leggings if you’ve got a shorter pear-shaped body type. It’s likely that your goal is to lengthen your look, which can be accomplished with complete coverage and darker tones. This is also your chance to test out some funky, psychedelic patterns, so go wild!

If you’re in the mood for some summertime short-shorts or bike shorts for an outdoor workout, don’t let us tell you otherwise. There are bottoms that fit your fashion and proportions to great effect, so keep shopping around for the perfect pair.

Your Best Athletic Wear, Delivered

At first glance, you’d think that shopping for athletic wear would be easy – especially if you’ve got a fairly typical pear-shaped body type. The truth is that the process isn’t so simple, despite having so much choice and variety on the athletic gear market these days.

That’s why we made it our mission to deliver high-quality athletic wear based on your unique style, workout preferences, and body type – right to your door. That’s right, once a month, we curate a perfect yoga-inspired outfit and ship it directly at an amazing price point that can’t be beaten in stores.

The gear we curate for you at Yoga Club is fashion-forward and super durable, so you get the best of both worlds without paying a fortune at the mall. All you need to do is fill out a quick quiz that tells us everything we need to know about your style, shape, and workout strategy.

Whether you’re brand new to the gym and yoga scene or you just want to freshen up your wardrobe with a new perspective, we’ve got you covered with great prices, high quality, and stellar service.

Click here to learn more about how we do things at Yoga Club and have all your questions answered.



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