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What Should you Expect From Your Yoga Subscription

yoga subscription

Yoga presents a clear path to your physical and mental goals. It’s helped you get a stronger, leaner body; more pliable muscles; pain free movement; less stress; and better sleep. With all of those benefits on your side why would you want to add on the stress of having to go out and scour the local shops and stores to find quality gear?

That’s why you’ve signed up for a yoga subscription box to get yoga pants, tops and accessories delivered right to your door. And, here’s what you should expect from your monthly YogaClub yoga box service:

High Quality Clothing

It doesn’t matter if you are practicing at home or at a high end studio, if you want to get the most out of your practice, you need high quality apparel from reputable brands. Yoga can be a challenging workout that puts both your body and your athletic gear to the ultimate test.

Your fitness subscription box won’t do you a whole lot of good if the clothes that get delivered barely make it through a few hard workouts. This is why it is critical to join a service that delivers top quality yoga pants and tops that are built to stand up to difficult workouts.

Of course, not all yoga is rigorous. If a tranquil, flowing style like Vinyasa is more your speed, you need clothes that can move and flow with you too. High quality yoga gear can be tough while still being delicate, and your yoga subscription needs to have clothing that works well with any style.


Sure, a yoga subscription is convenient, but if you are paying retail (or more than retail) for the service, then you aren’t getting a “deal” from the provider. One of the major benefits of using a reputable yoga subscription service is that they partner with the top manufacturers to get great discounts - and they pass the savings directly on to you

If you can find the same quality yoga gear for the same price (or less) at your local store, then it might be time to look for another subscription.

yoga subscription


You don’t want to wear the same exact pair of yoga pants or top to every single class you attend at the studio. Or match with every other yogi! You should be able to express your personal fashion sense with the yoga apparel you wear.

Part of the fun of a yoga subscription box is receiving styles and pieces from top yoga brands that you might not have discovered on your own. An unexpected yoga top may become your new go-to, or maybe you’ll get the yoga leggings that finally complete your cute yoga outfit. If your yoga subscription doesn’t send you items from a wide variety of brands (like YogaClub does) you would certainly be missing out!

Outstanding Service From Your Yoga Subscription

Your sense of style isn’t going to always be exactly the same. You’re a versatile woman who doesn’t always want the same thing. Maybe you decide that you want a different length for your yoga pants, or maybe the colors you used to love aren’t doing it for you anymore.  

A subscription that delivers the wrong size or style of clothing at the wrong time won’t do much to improve your practice. You need to have great customer service and a great support staff that can help you make changes or adjustments to your account so you get exactly what you need, when you need it. Plus, they should make it easy to exchange items you don’t like.

YogaClub exceeds all of these expectations, with hassle free exchanges, great service, and high-quality athletic apparel for a fraction of retail price. If this is your first experience with a yoga subscription, or if you’ve tried a service that didn’t meet your needs - joining Yoga Club should definitely be your next move.

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