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top yoga brands

Do you like yoga gear?  Do you like top yoga brands?  Do you like getting top yoga brands at incredible  discount prices?  If you practice yoga and want to look good doing it, YogaClub is the place for you!  With top yoga brands like Manduka, Teeki, Cozy Orange, and Onzi, you’re sure to find something that fits your style at a low price!

The Brands You Love

Manduka, for example, has gorgeous mats with mystical designs that are guaranteed to set a peaceful and harmonious tone to your workout.  They also offer yoga clothing in beautiful, cool colors like blues and greys.

You can show your activism for the environment with yoga gear from Teeki, which is made from recycled material, particularly water bottles.  Teeki also donates toward powerful environmental causes, like Standing Rock’s cause in North Dakota.  If eco-friendly is your style, this top yoga brand is, too!

Image from Cozy Orange

Active yoga enthusiasts might like Cozy Orange, which has a lot of apparel for your cardio workout, too.  These chic running, jogging and yoga tops and bottoms just have to be seen in a studio or on the go!

The earthy, breezy yoga gear from Onzie is elegant and attractive, with styles perfect for your Bikram workout or your hatha on the beach.  Classic symbols in cute, earth-based designs, or, for the more solid-colors, heavenly whites, greys and blues will lift your yoga practice to new heights.


All these brands would cost you a fortune at the retailers, but with a YogaClub membership, your wallet will be in as much peace as your mind!  YogaClub offers all of these top yoga brands to you at a massively discounted prices.  Choose from three levels of membership--The Chakra, The Karma, or The Guru.  Then, keep an eye on your mailbox.

What’s In a YogaClub Box?

All members receive a gift box each month with random items from these brands and more.  The items depend on which of the three levels of membership you choose, plus they are styled to your preference!  Choose from classic muted styles, fun sassy styles, or a mixture of both, as well as your top and bottom size, and be prepared to receive great deals on yoga items you will really use, right at your doorstep!

Top yoga brands like these are literally at your fingertips, ready to encourage you once a month if you join YogaClub today.  Not only do you get a box of fun yoga stuff, but just getting it provides that extra bit of excitement and motivation to keep you and your yoga practice uplifted! Once a month, to celebrate your membership, you’ll receive some new yoga tops and bottoms from these great brands, and who wouldn’t want to show off at the studio or gym right away?

When you look good, you feel good, and you will look your best wearing the clothes you get in your pink box each month.  Imagine getting $85-160 worth of gear from top yoga brands in your mail once a month for less than half the price.  Looking good during your yoga practice has never been so easy!




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