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Meet the Brands: Teeki

Here at YogaClub, we’re allllllll about bringing you the latest brands in your little pink box of motivation! I mean, what’s a better motivator to hit the mat than wearing the latest styles by the top brands in the biz?!

This week, we’re re-introducing you to Teeki because we know you’ve heard of them before. So, let’s dive down into the deets about this company that will make you fall in love with them all over again.

Q: How long has Teeki been around?

A: Teeki has been gracing us with sustainable, eco-friendly activewear since 2010.

Q: What was the vision behind the company?

A: Since the very beginning, Teeki has always had the environment at the forefront of their vision. They’re all about being in touch with the earth and doing everything they can to bring down that pesky carbon-footprint. They use recycled water bottles, recycled polyester and organic cotton to make their clothing and use eco-friendly ink that’s pvc- and phthalate free. They even use their own printing process that uses 90% less water than the fashion industry standard. Yeah...they’ve got it down, and are a role model for others fashion companies who are looking to minimize their environmental footprint.  

Q: Where are they from?

A: They are located in sunny Los Angeles, CA.

Q: Why do we love them at YogaClub?

A: We LOVE them at YogaClub because they not only have unique designs that call to our inner goddess, but they create their clothing with the environment in mind. And, what’s better than stylish apparel with less carbon footprint?

Q: What types of activities are their clothes best for?

A: Teeki is for all goddesses that encompass any movement. Whether you enjoy yoga, hiking, running, hitting the gym, or dancing, Teeki is there for whatever activity you use to embrace your mind, spirit and body.

Q: What kind of tech specs does Teeki feature?

A: The infamous recycled water bottle material is where Teeki gets its fame! This company prides themselves on being eco-friendly and they definitely deserve kudos for turning plastic, which takes 400 years to biodegrade, into beautifully hand crafted apparel.

Learn more about Teeki by checking them out on Facebook & Instagram!

Stay tuned for upcoming brand features on the activewear companies we choose to partner with! If you have questions you'd like answered in a future "meet the brands" post, just let us know!

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