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Meet the Brands: Onzie

We know why you choose YogaClub -- for the best brands at an unbeatable price, of course! We take pride that our little pink boxes are packed with brands that not only set the trends in the industry, but are among the ones that we truly love.

Since the beginning, we’ve been a huge fan of Onzie. Not only are their designs keen to the eye, but the quality is unbeatable. There must be good reason why Lady Gaga struts Onzie in the Bikram studio! Want pieces that can actually keep up during your workout? Then, Onzie’s your brand!

Q: How long has Onzie been around?

A: Onzie has been stocking our closets with high quality, stylish yoga wear since 2010.

Q: What was the vision behind the company?

A: The body is the central focus behind Onzie’s holistic vision. In every one of their pieces, there is a deep respect for the movement of the body, and a team of boss women running the whole show. Encompassing the power of the female spirit, the Onzie team works off of their passion for merging creativity and movement into one--into Onzie.

Q: Where are they from?

A: Onzie is from beautiful, sunny Venice Beach, CA.

Q: Why do we love them at YogaClub?

A: There’s many reasons! For one, their designs are beyond stylish. Second, their clothing is durable and designed with functionality in mind, making them perfect for every moment of the body no matter how strenuous. Even after many washes, their clothing never loses their shape, which is amazing for those who love to sweat!

Q: What types of activities are their clothes best for?

A: Onzie is made with a respect for the many amazing things the human body can do, whether that’s working out, hitting barre, Pilates or yoga--or just relaxing!

Q: What kind of tech specs does Onzie feature?

A: Onzie’s Free-Flow Fabric Technology is absolutely where it’s at. This tech makes their high quality yoga apparel functional and breathable. The best part? You can wear Onzie in the water, whether its salt, chlorine or just heavy sweat! And, no, you won’t be walking around wet all day. Their Free-Flow Fabric Tech is so breathable that their gear dries fast!

Learn more about Onzie by checking them out on Facebook & Instagram.

Stay tuned for upcoming brand features on the activewear companies we choose to partner with! If you have questions you'd like answered in a future "meet the brands" post, just let us know!



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