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What Colors Look Good On Me?

Yoga is a joyful yet challenging practice that can improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. While yoga is certainly not about competition, there’s nothing wrong with trying to be the best-dressed person in your class!

When it comes to yoga, fit and comfort are everything. You must choose outfits and materials which don’t just look good, but are also functional. Perfect fits, fabrics, and of course, color schemes make the best outfits – it’s no accident. Where on earth would they find the time and money to shop so frequently and still look good?

You may not have the fashion know-how to put together professional outfits quite yet, but it all starts with colors. What colors look good on you, and which ones are on-trend for 2021? You might not even be aware of how great you look in certain colors, since many of us never even take the risk.

Today we’re talking all about color in your yoga wardrobe and providing you with some tips for taking your athletic wear to the next level with YogaClub.

Stuck in Monochrome?

When you first get into the yoga scene, your outfits probably aren’t very inspired. Basic black and maybe some white or grey is about as far as you’ll go. You’ve got enough on your mind trying to balance in challenging poses and be mindful of your breath! Focusing on the basics of yoga is key, but eventually, you’ll want to spice things up fashion-wise.

The good news is that everyone is crazy for color in the modern world of yoga. Gone are the days when every yoga class is a sea of grey. Women have been choosing color over grey, black and white since 2020, and we’re only seeing this trend increase in 2021. 

Colors are a way of expressing yourself. That’s what yoga is all about – feeling the vibe! The good news is any color will fly this year. Learn to express your inner yogi and have fun with every outfit you put together. Take some chances, because yoga class is the place to do it!

It’s not just about color, but also saturation and hue. The darkness or lightness of certain shades makes all the difference. For instance, pastels are shaping up to be the big hit of the year across all activewear categories. We’ll get into all that soon enough. Colors inspired by the sea, the rainforests, and tropical islands are all very much in vogue. Try them all!

Colors to Consider

It might not seem like a big deal to the other people in your life, but making the shift to a colorful wardrobe can actually be quite intimidating. Black, white, and grey all have one thing in common – they’re predictable and safe.

Embracing color means making a statement and breaking out of the comfort zone, even in a small way. Step up to the challenge and turn your wardrobe into a rainbow, then never look back! We’re here to help make it happen.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are the most important color trends you need to know about this year. 

Bring on the Red

Historically, red was not associated with yoga, considering it’s one of the brightest and daring colors out there. Let’s start looking at red in a new light. It’s the color of passion and power, so why not incorporate it into your yoga practice?

Something about red just empowers us to perform our best and take on new challenges in life. That’s why we wear red to make a powerful first impression at work or on a date. The same principles apply in the yoga studio during an intense session of vinyasa or ashtanga yoga.

Not all reds are the same, of course. Some are deep and dark, bordering on maroon and mahogany. Other reds are brighter and reminiscent of bricks and fire hydrants. They are truly eye-catching and work well from head to toe.

Electric Yellow

We love the mellow yellows this year, especially muted tones and mustard variations. These colors have been making their way onto the yoga scene for some time now, so hop on the hype train!

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that yellows are just for the young ducklings out there. Yoga lovers of any age can enjoy this color as well, and it gives us a youthful look along with an extra spring in our step. Yes, colors can literally brighten our mood and make us more confident – that’s science!

While pale yellow will continue to shine in 2021, fashion designers are loving using a nearly neon yellow, which really amps up the energy in the room! Besides, yellow colors reflect more light and make for the perfect outdoor yoga outfit. Wear them proudly in the sun and have some summer fun when it’s time for yoga in the park or on the beach.

True Blues

Blue might be a classically “cool” color, but it’s a hot favorite in 2021. Representing water and the sky, it’s no surprise that everyone is looking for a little more calm in their lives.

There are so many different shades of blue that you’re bound to find some clothes that fit the bill. At first, you may want to play it safe with a standard navy, but work your way up the spectrum of shine to something exciting and fresh. Baby blue, sky blue, it’s all fair game.

Pretty Pinks and Purples

One of the biggest fashion trends of 2021 across all apparel sectors is light pink, but it doesn’t end there. Darker hues of pink and royal purples are also bursting onto the scene, and in truth, they never really left.

Celebrity influence is definitely making waves with fresh takes on classic pink and purple athletic wear. Now that spring has sprung, there has never been a better time to try them out for yourself.

Keep your colors light and bright, or go dark and bold when you need that boost of fierce energy for the gym. Mix and match these colors with your regular wardrobe to create brand new athleisure looks and wear them proudly out and about. The only limits are your own imagination, so keep experimenting!


It’s a contested topic in the world of yoga, and everyone has an opinion. Is it cool to wear tops and bottoms with eccentric patterns, or is that a total amateur move? In our view, there’s never a bad time to wear cool patterns, and we wouldn’t let anyone tell us otherwise.

Just look at what the top yoga brands are offering right now – patterns are definitely on-trend. They’ve even become brighter and more creative, with many statement pieces on the market. Wild patterns can really help you stand out and take your fashion to new heights. Just be prepared to get some more looks than usual!

Shapes and Prints

Of course, bold shapes and printed images are also becoming more embedded in yoga culture and fashion. There is everything out there, from Cleopatra images to bright psychedelic shapes. Some yoga purists might not like this trend, but we’re not complaining.

Don’t Forget About Fit and Fabric

We’ve gone over all the key colors that should be on your radar right now, but remember the fundamentals when selecting yoga clothing, too. Comfort and choice are key this year – lean into the variety with different textures, fabrics, and lines.

Maybe you’ve got some go-to outfits that feel and fit great, but are lacking in the color department. It’s a hassle to start from scratch and build your yoga wardrobe one piece at a time, especially when you aren’t 100% certain about what colors look good on you.

Body shape, proportions, dimensions, and other factors come into play when developing a wardrobe. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you just had a personal shopper who could make all the right picks for your athletic wear collection?

A Helping Hand to Curate Your Outfits

Good news! With a monthly yoga subscription box, you can look stylish all the time and never get bored with your yoga gear. We send you a fresh outfit each month that will turn heads and inspire you to get into the gym more than ever. There is nothing more satisfying than going to class and being asked where you got your clothes from.

Subscription boxes are fun and affordable. Think of it as “outsourcing” your wardrobe building. Best of all, we create personalized boxes just for you by taking your size, workout type, style, and other preferences into consideration. We rarely miss, and if we do, we’ll just keep trying until we make it right.

You may have arrived in search of a new favorite color, but now you’ve got a whole new way to source quality, affordable yoga gear. We’re happy to help you every step of the way.



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