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Why High Quality Yoga Apparel Matters

I used to be the girl in yoga class wearing clearance leggings from TJ Maxx. 

I never bought high quality yoga gear for myself, thinking that it was a waste of money. I always thought, “why do I need to splurge on clothes that I’m just going to go sweat in?”

It turns out, you get what you pay for when it comes to yoga wear. Lower quality yoga gear comes with its downfalls, like non sweat-wicking fabric, loose-fitting compression and fabric that rolls the waistband. 

high end yoga brands

It’s funny how we adapt to feeling uncomfortable in activewear. Once we’ve stopped our workout enough times to pull up our pants, it becomes normal.

News flash: low quality workout apparel isn’t the norm. You should be getting sooo much more out of your yoga gear!

Why high quality yoga wear matters

Practicing yoga— or engaging in any type of fitness—  is supposed to be a mindful experience. Surely it goes without saying, but it’s obviously difficult to focus on the present moment when you’re constantly having to adjust your clothing!

Getting the proper attire for yoga, or your other favorite fitness activities, is important because it supports you during your workout. Often taken for granted, the sophisticated tech that comes with the price of high end yoga wear can make a huge difference in your performance.

Check out some of these specs that come with high quality workout gear. How often do you overlook this technology?

high end yoga brands

  • Moisture wicking fabric — this tech prevents you from carrying around weighted sweat-soaked clothes by moving moisture away from the body, through the fabric and dispersing it into the air. 
  • Four-way stretch — four-way stretch fabric provides the freedom to move, bend, squat and jump in absolute comfort by allowing the fabric to be stretched both width and lengthwise. Say goodbye to restriction!
  • Squat test approved — this is a HUGE one. Squat test approved means that your leggings aren’t and won’t become see-through. Have you ever tried on a cute pair of yoga leggings, then squatted only for your underwear to become extremely visible? This is quite common with cheaper yoga apparel and can be totally avoided by investing in some high quality gear!
  • Thick, wide and stabilizing waistband — experience the best of core support with a thick and stabilizing waistband. This features is a total fit game changer that smooths out curves, tucks the tummy and provides maximum comfort.
  • Adjustable straps and removable padding — there’s seriously nothing better than when sports bras come with customized tech. With adjustable straps and removable padding, you can create the perfect fit that will support you and your fitness goals.

This just scratches the surface of activewear tech. There’s also high performance bras that prevent bust bounce and high compression leggings that hold everything in the right place. If you want better performance and the support to carry you throughout your workout, then investing in a couple pieces of high end yoga apparel is definitely the way to go.

Where to find high quality yoga apparel

high end yoga brands

There are plenty of yoga clothing brands out there to choose from, but how do you pick the best fit for you and your lifestyle?

YogaClub has given me the opportunity to try an array of yoga apparel styles and brands that I would have never been able to afford on my own. When I first signed up, I took a style quiz outlining my activewear preferences and my favorite workouts so YogaClub’s stylists could hand curate a three-piece outfit to my exact lifestyle.

So far, they haven't steered me wrong! I now own high quality yoga brands that deliver the best trends and technology, like Niyama Sol, Vie Active, Beyond Yoga and Glyder. And, I received all of these brands for a fraction of the cost!

If you want to try YogaClub and pay a super affordable price for the best activewear out there, then you need to take advantage of their current Cyber Monday deals!

high end yoga brands

  • Guru Seasonal Membership Sale 
  • Get YogaClub’s most popular subscription for a fraction of the price! Sign up for a seasonal Guru membership and get four three-piece outfits over the course of a year. For only $196, that’s four leggings, four sports bras and four tops!
  • Don’t want to sign up for a membership, then… 
    • Gift Packages!
    • We're offering $10 off YogaClub gift purchases with code TRIBE10 + free shipping to the contiguous US ($4.95 for HI, AL and Canada) 
    • Try out YogaClub by purchasing a one time gift! Options include sending a one, two, or three piece outfit, perfect for treating yourself or a friend!
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      • Get our lowest price on tanks, sports bra, leggings, outerwear and sweatpants! Order as many Mystery Bundles as you want with prices as low as $10 and nothing exceeding $20.

      If you haven’t experienced the world of high quality, comfortable and performance-driven activewear, then what are you waiting for? With deals and discounts like these that deliver the best of activewear for a fraction of the cost, there’s no reason to put off treating yourself any longer!


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