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Shelf Life of Yoga Wear: When to Replace Your Yoga Outfits

There’s nothing worse than the noise. You know, that distinct splitting noise coming from your yoga pants when pushing up into downward dog. When you hear it, you know.

We’re all familiar with what comes next: pure panic. How bad is the rip? Is it just a stitch, or did my yoga pants completely rip open? This is not the kind of release I had in mind when I decided to come to yoga!

If this sounds like a nightmare, it’s because it is. Nobody wants to be in this type of situation, which is why knowing when to replace your yoga clothes is so important. While style, patterns and colors draw us to our favorite yoga apparel, being aware of the quality and shelf life of your yoga outfits will go a long way in keeping them in mint condition. 

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Where to Begin: Quality Yoga Clothes

Proper yoga attire from high end yoga brands makes all the difference. While purchasing pricier yoga leggings may seem like an initial investment, it’ll actually cost less in the long run because you won’t have to constantly replace those $20 leggings. 

Simply put, the goal is to be comfortable while being able to trust that your yoga apparel will hold up during class. The last thing you want is to worry about the condition of your yoga wear while you’re flowing through class, having it rob you of your focus.

While buying high quality yoga clothes is important, knowing when to replace those worn pieces that no longer hold their stretch is key. There’s a few signs to look for when it’s time to replace your activewear, like when you constantly have to pull up your yoga leggings, adjust your bra or feel like it’s losing support, and if your leggings become see through

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Treat Yourself: Shop the Best Yoga Brands

As I mentioned earlier, purchasing high end yoga brands is worth the price. Yes, they are more expensive, but the pieces will undoubtedly hold up much better and last far longer than those cheap and poorly made activewear pieces from commercial big-box stores. 

Before you assume that you can’t possibly afford the best yoga brands, let me tell you about the biggest yoga wear shopper’s secret: YogaClub.

YogaClub Box delivers studio style from high end yoga brands for the insider price. I’m talking 50 percent off the retail price! Having a YogaClub subscription checks all the boxes— the yoga apparel you’ll receive is stylish, high quality, functional and affordable!

Signing up is super easy and they even offer a style quiz so their expert stylists can nail your exact style preferences when they hand-curate your yoga outfits. If you aren’t into signing up for a yoga clothing subscription box, then you’re in luck! YogaClub just released their Marketplace where you can shop without a membership while still getting high quality yoga apparel for an affordable price!

Remember, not all activewear is designed and created the same. Investing in the best yoga clothing brands, whether through YogaClub or shopping on your own, is guaranteed to deliver more comfort and a longer shelf life. It’s a small price to pay for peace-of-mind and avoiding any embarrassing ripping noises mid-class!

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Lesli Lancaster is a Vinyasa style yoga teacher in Fort Worth, Texas who teaches both in studio and online. She’s been married to an awesome man for 11 years and has three wonderful children who she stays home with when she’s not teaching. She is grateful for the opportunity to spend time with her children and teach yoga, which has brought her so much happiness, energy and passion into her life. 

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