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How Does YogaClub Work?

Simply put: YogaClub is a yoga clothing subscription box that delivers the latest activewear styles from the best yoga brands for 50% off the retail price.

But, how does YogaClub work — actually? Let’s break it down!

First of all, what is YogaClub?

yoga clothing subscription service

Here’s all the deets. YogaClub is a yoga apparel subscription service that delivers hand curated outfits right to your doorstep! You’re able to choose your preferred frequency between monthly, quarterly and even bi-monthly (you can also skip a box if you ever need to!). In each YogaClub box, you will receive three pieces of yoga wear from high end yoga brands you may already know and love, like Manduka, Teeki, Onzie, Beyond Yoga, Niyama Sol and Vie Active. The best part? YogaClub has made their yoga clothes subscription box even more inclusive by offering plus size activewear and expanding their sizes to 3XL!

The (unbeatable) price

yoga clothing subscription service

While your YogaClub box only costs $79, you will actually receive $160 (minimum!) in name brand activewear! When leggings from high end yoga brands easily cost at least $80, getting an outfit for this price is a huge bargain. Since I live in yoga apparel, this is an absolute no brainer for me!

YogaClub is perfect for those who want a deal on yoga wear, are too busy to shop for themselves, don’t have access to awesome brands or styles where they live, or just appreciate having a stylist hand-curate their outfits!

Awesome! How do I get started?

You can easily start your YogaClub subscription by taking the personalized style quiz. The purpose of the style quiz is to let YogaClub’s expert stylists know your specific style preferences, as well as your preferred fitness activities so they can better hand-curate your outfits. After you have completed the style quiz, you’ll be able to check out, then the YogaClub stylists will get to work on curating your first box!

Receiving your YogaClub box

yoga clothing subscription service

After you’ve signed up, all you have to do is wait for your pink box to arrive in the mail. Opening the box and exploring all the new pieces is my favorite part. I love when I receive pieces that I wouldn’t normally purchase myself, but hit my style spot on! Getting these outfits every month makes me so excited to workout— it’s seriously like a little box of motivation all on its own!

The referral program...

YogaClub has even sweetened the deal by rewarding you for referring your friends! Upon signing up, you will receive a unique discount link that will give your friends a discount on their boxes. Even better, you will get a special reward each time your code is used! 

Not a fan of a subscription box? No worries!

yoga clothing subscription service

YogaClub recently just launched their Marketplace where you can buy super trendy yoga wear from high end brands without having a subscription! So, whether you’re a subscription fanatic, or just want to purchase one piece of clothing at a time, YogaClub has an option just for you.

My favorite part about YogaClub: sharing the YC love

As if getting high quality activewear isn’t good enough, YogaClub has also created an amazing and supportive private Facebook group called My Yoga Journey. The group members have created such a strong and amazing connection by offering unconditional love, support and guidance, it’s like a positivity paradise! There’s also free yoga classes and tutorials from amazing yoga teachers, plus monthly challenges.

To welcome you wholeheartedly into the YogaClub and My Yoga Journey community, I would love to share a code for $10 off your YogaClub membership! Use the code YOGI69 to sign up and after you’ve ordered your first box, don’t hesitate to join My Yoga Journey and introduce yourself— we can’t wait to meet you!

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June Seager has been teaching yoga since 2015 and has taken multiple training of various styles of yoga. She has been formally trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and even SUP (stand up paddle board). June has taught yoga in New Mexico, Hawaii and Texas and, in 2019, recently got her Group Fitness Certification from AFAA (Athletics and Fitness Association of America).

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