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4 Reasons Why New Yoga Pants are Motivating!

Everyone likes getting new clothes, but getting brand-new workout apparel is even better. Why? Because you’re more likely to work out when you get new activewear. That means your health can benefit when you buy new exercise clothes, whether you get a pair of yoga pants, a sports bra or a whole outfit. Here are four reasons why new activewear can easily motivate you to exercise more — giving you a great excuse to get more yoga pants!

You want to show it off

Any time you get a cute new outfit, you don’t want to stay home. You want to go somewhere, so you have a chance to show off your new clothes. The same is true when you get new activewear. And the best place to wear workout clothes is the gym or fitness studio, which means you’re more likely to go work out. Granted, these days it’s definitely acceptable to wear yoga pants to the store, lunch or pretty much anywhere you need to go. But the gym or studio is hands-down the most appropriate place to wear workout clothes, which means you’ll probably get there a little more often when you buy new activewear.

You have one less excuse to avoid working out

If you’ve ever skipped a workout because you didn’t have anything to wear to the gym that day, you need new workout clothes. When you have enough to get you through the week without having to do laundry, you’re more likely to get your workout in. So make sure you always have the right clothes for yoga, a jog or the workout of your choice!

You’re more comfortable and confident

Yoga pants are popular for a reason. After all, there’s just something about material that hugs your body and actually compliments every curve. While you might think tight clothing would only be flattering on super-fit people, it turns out activewear is great at holding in certain areas and emphasizing your body’s best features. Hello, confidence! Plus, workout clothing is made for moving around in, which means you can expect plenty of support no matter which workout you do. And it usually features moisture-wicking material that can keep you dry, so you’re more comfortable in your activewear than when you just wear an oversized t-shirt and sweats. No wonder new workout clothes are so motivating!

Working out is on your mind more than ever

If putting on yoga pants tends to make you think about getting in a workout that day, you’re not alone. In fact, there are studies that show how your clothing choices can influence your actions. Essentially, if you want a particular job, dress like you already have it and you’re more likely to see success. The same line of thinking applies to working out. So if you want to boost your performance at the gym today — or simply increase your chances of going — put on your most stylish workout gear and get ready to beat your personal best!

Clearly, if you’re having trouble getting motivated to work out, the simple solution is to get new activewear. And joining YogaClub makes that easy. Just sign up and then fill out a style quiz to help determine what kind of activewear you’ll get every month. Then sit back and wait for your cute new workout clothes to arrive, so you can get more motivated than ever!

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