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4 Great Reasons to Buy Teeki Yoga Pants

teeki yoga pants

When you are serious about a sport or activity, finding apparel you love can be a real challenge. This is especially true for yogis who want to spend their hard earned cash on proper yoga attire. How can you know which of the top yoga brands will hold up practice after practice (and wash) to give you the best quality for your money?

Maybe you’ve never heard of Teeki, but it’s important to know that it isn’t always the brand with the biggest marketing budget or the most stores that truly delivers when it comes to quality. Those who load their closets and drawers with big names can end up disappointed in more ways than one.

If you’re really serious about yoga apparel, here are four reason why you should opt for Teeki yoga pants instead the big-name brands:

teeki yoga pants

Teeki Yoga Pants are High Quality

Some of the most popular brands in America have faced criticism for the steady decline in the quality of their garments. But Teeki produces some of the most comfortable and resilient yoga pants available. Yoga is not only a challenge for the body — it challenges your gear as well, and the quality of your gear is not something you want to worry about when you’re in the middle of a workout or stretching on the mat.

Teeki yoga pants are designed to last through repeat workouts and washes. As anyone who loves yoga pants knows, low-quality pants always have the risk of going see-through on you. But don’t worry, Teeki tests extensively to ensure their pants stay concealing, so Teeki yoga pants have you covered — literally.

A Better Price

Yoga pants can be pricey, but some brands are pricier than others. Despite the quality of big-name brands dipping, the prices on their yoga pants continue to rise, and their popular styles can carry a pricetag of up to $150 a pair.

Teeki yoga pants deliver in terms of quality, durability, functionality and style for a price that is in most cases substantially lower than the other big name brands in the industry. And if we’re talking price, you should know that you can get a $72 dollar pair of Teeki yoga pants in your YogaClub box, while you pay as little as $45. Now that’s a better price!

teeki yoga pants

Teeki Yoga Pants are Sustainable

While most brands focus primarily on their bottom line, Teeki has a different (and more earth friendly) business plan. Teeki yoga pants are made from recycled or sustainable materials (including a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles).

This not only keeps waste out of landfills, it aligns perfectly with the overall vision of the yogic lifestyle. You get yoga outfits that are adorable, super comfortable, built to last and you get to have a clear mind during your practice knowing that you are working to be part of the solution to global climate change.

A Company With a Conscience

Teeki not only cares about the environment, they care about people. Teeki stood with the protestors as Standing Rock, fighting against the Dakota Access Pipeline and working to protect the land and ensure clean drinking water for Native American tribes, who were in danger if construction continued as planned.

Employees of Teeki not only stood with the protesters, they also brought a bus load of essential supplies and encouraged their customers and fans to join in as well. This shows that Teeki is a company that truly “walks the walk,” when it comes to caring— they are a brand that any yogi can be proud to wear while practicing.

When seeking out quality gear for your yoga practice, you need to go beyond the companies with the loudest marketing. Teeki yoga pants are some of the most stylish and durable yoga pants you’ll find anywhere, and as critical as those factors are to successful workouts, it is only a fraction of what this forward thinking company has to offer its customers.

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