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How to Create A Sacred Space In Your Home

Your home is where you play, plan, entertain and dream for the future. But it should also be a place of rest so dedicating a small part of your home to be used as a sacred space for meditation is easier (and cheaper!) than you think! 

We're here to let you know that you don't need a ton of space to create this in your home. No really! It’s super doable and only takes a few items to transform a regular room into somewhere you can pause and breathe. Here are a few tips to creating your own sacred space.

It doesn’t have to be expensive!

What transformed our room? A small IKEA bench, one plant, a comfy blanket, some favorite books, candles and our favorite incense. That’s it! You don’t need anything fancy. Just a designated area with a few key pieces.


Pay attention to what your senses are telling you.

What moves you? Does smell move you? Add incense or a candle in your favorite scent. Does natural light help you relax? Create your space next to a window. Is comfort your BFF? Have a cozy blanket within reach so you don’t have to stop mid meditation to gather supplies.

Commit to using the space for an entire week and then check in with yourself.

Sometimes meditation + mindfulness are harder than they sound. Creating a space in your home solely used for this purpose can help you become more excited about this practice. And the more excited you are? The more likely you’ll begin and stick with it.

Add personal touches.

Do you have favorite photos? Postcards of places you’ve been? A personal journal? A favorite playlist of songs that moves you? (Here’s mine!) There’s no right or wrong way to create your space. Feel free to add items that make you feel.

Plants, plants, plants!

We LOVE plants! They’re inexpensive. They bring life to your space. They clean the air. And they’re gorgeous! Even adding just one small plant to your sacred space makes a difference. Less is more! Sometimes. :)

We’ve all heard the health benefits to mediation. Having a space in your home that’s designated for this practice will have a major impact on your health, stress management, rest and future life decisions. (And hey, it’s pretty!!) There are plenty of moments of chaos in your home so having a sacred space helps turn some of the chaos into stillness is important. Be creative with your space!

We’d love to see how you design and use corners of your home to practice sacred practices like yoga, meditation and silence. I’m a big believer in all three and can’t wait to see how you transform your living area! It doesn’t have to be perfect and expensive. Just a clean, comfy, inspiring space that helps your body + soul relax. You’re worth it.

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