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How to Choose the Best Yoga Clothes for Your Favorite Fitness Activity

Sports bras, yoga leggings, and tanks - OH MY! 

Whether you have a selection of favorite fitness activities, have one specific workout you do several times a week, or fall somewhere in between, we can all agree that the most difficult workout decision is finding the perfect outfit. Even if your closet is full it still can seem like a hard choice. If we’re lifting, we need durable and supportive pieces. If we’re getting into downward dog, then we need something stretchy. And, of course, the leggings always need to be squat proof!

proper yoga attire

If you feel overwhelmed by finding the perfect outfit, then stress no more! Here are a few of my recommendations for yoga clothing and the best yoga outfits for your next fitness activity.

For lifting and group strength classes

When I know I’m hitting the weight room or one of my favorite BODYPUMP classes, I prefer to wear long leggings or capris rather than shorts. I know I’m going to be squatting, lunging, and bending over for deadlifts, so I prefer to feel covered and confident without worrying about the length of my shorts. These types of workouts can be intimidating and the last thing I want is to be nervous about showing too much while working on that peach emoji. I also prefer to wear colors like red and black for these types of workouts, which makes me feel empowered and strong.

For running

proper yoga attire

On days when hitting the gym seems like too much, or for times when you just need to be alone for 30 minutes, running is a great option. For an outdoor run, I prefer to wear shorts and a sports bra/crop top and sometimes a loose tank for coverage. Cardio is hardio and it feels nice to have lighter clothing on, allowing for easy movement and long strides. There is typically minimal bending over or squatting down performed while running (unless, of course, you need to tie your shoe) so shorts are a safe option in your running outfit.

For yoga, barre and Pilates

proper yoga attire

The best yoga clothing for yoga, barre and Pilates must be very durable, yet flexible. Vie Active is one of the best yoga brands for these types of workouts. The leggings are typically high waisted and are made from high quality fabric. They allow for a wide range of motion in the legs, which is commonly seen in these styles of workouts. I appreciate the high waisted aspect of the leggings because most core exercises are performed during yoga, barre and pilates, and this helps keep everything covered and secure. I’m able to focus on the workout rather than if my leggings are pushing up on my lower stomach and making me uncomfortable.

For hiking

Hiking is a great way to explore, exercise, and capture some great content for Insta, but what’s the proper attire for someone who isn’t an avid outdoor enthusiast? It’s typically hot, but there may also be weeds, bugs, or other elements you should protect your legs from. In this situation, I recommend wearing leggings, hiking shoes, and a sports bra or yoga top.

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Leggings are great for not only protection from the sun and nature, but also if your inner thighs like to rub together causing discomfort— it happens to all of us! For hiking I actually prefer lighter, thinner leggings that allow breathability. Niyama Sol is a great yoga clothing brand for hiking gear because their yoga leggings are eco friendly and use less fabric than some other designer yoga pants. If leggings just seem too hot, shorts with high socks are a great alternative. 

Choosing your outfit for a fitness activity can be difficult to navigate—especially in the beginning—but the more options you try, the more you’ll know what you like. If you want to try an array of yoga wear styles and brands, then YogaClub is an excellent way to discover the in’s and out’s of yoga apparel. Signing up is easy and after you take the personalized style quiz, you’ll be on your way to rocking the best in activewear trends!

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Courtney Paige Johnson is a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer living in Phoenix, AZ. She has been teaching fitness classes for over eight years and has several certifications including yoga, Pilates, and strength training. In 2017, Courtney completed her M.S. from Arizona State University in Community Resources and Development where she researched exercise motivation in the wellness tourism industry.

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