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A Hot Weather Clothing Guide: Pick the Right Clothes for Summer Days

Spring and fall are prime time for fashion, and some folks even like winter for the extra layers and warm accessories to show off style.

That makes summer the trickiest season of all when it comes to picking clothes. Temperatures peak, the days are long, and in some regions, humidity can be a whole other issue.

In this article, we’re setting out to make sense of warm-weather fashion for women who are never quite sure what to wear in the summertime. We’ll talk layers, colors, fabrics, fits, and even shoes and accessories.

We’ll also go over the best athleisure clothes for warm weather since you won’t want to miss out on summer yoga on the beach or in the park! Let’s begin.

Layer Up, Layer Down

Think that layers are only for the colder months of the year? Think again, because layers are necessary to survive the fluctuating temperatures of the summer months.

We’re not talking about chunky sweaters, overcoats, and scarves here. Light, flowing layers made of breathable fabric are definitely the way to go.

This way, you’ll have the right amount of warmth when you need it most, then shed those layers when the sun shines bright. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when layering for the heat.

Coverage is Key

We tend to think that less is more in the summertime. Everyone wants to soak up those sunbeams and get that nice bronze tan we’ve been missing for so many months.

However, too much of a good thing can turn bad, especially if you aren’t super diligent about sunscreen and timing. That afternoon sun can cause some damage for the fair-skinned among us, so it’s sometimes better to wear flowing long sleeve garments over our short-sleeve tops.

Think about what you might wear as a cover-up to the pool or beach, and add a few of these groovy pieces to your wardrobe to add or subtract throughout the day. Lightweight summer cardigans and wraps are very on-trend and can be worn in multiple stylish ways. 

Starchy slacks and denim might be off the menu for summer, so consider other pieces to cover your legs. While shorts and mini skirts might be fun for a few days a week, you might also want to look at longer, billowing skirts that give your legs a break from the sun.

You can still stay cool if you pick the right fits and fabrics – remember that air circulation and breathability are No. 1 when styling your clothes for summer. 

Ready for Anything


A plain tee or tank top will only get you so far in the summer months. Don’t be short-sighted! Think about the entire journey of your day and plan accordingly. 

It might feel great to wear something sleeveless at high noon when walking through the park, but what if you work an office job or need to jump in and out of air-conditioned environments?

As you know, summer weather is very unpredictable despite our best forecasting efforts. You might wake up to a crisp 50-degree morning, suffer through low-90s in the afternoon, then be back down to the 60s at sundown. 

When facing this type of rollercoaster weather, layers are your best friend, so build up a wardrobe of versatile, functional, and stylish pieces you can mix and match throughout the day.

Trendy tunics are a great outer layer that won’t wear you down, and lightweight hoodies are also a great call if you’re a daily gym-goer or yoga fanatic. Zip them up, wrap them around, stuff them in your bag – it’s all about quick on-and-off adaptability in the heat. 

Play with silhouettes and enjoy some oversized fits to get that extra coverage if need be. You can always strip down to the essentials when the mood strikes. 

Colors Make a Difference

Summer only lasts a few months a year, so why not showcase some fun and flashy colors while the sun is out on full blast?

You can wear those neutral colors the rest of the year, but summer is the time to embrace all the colors of the rainbow. Here are some suggestions.

Reflect Those Rays

Aside from making you look youthful and vibrant, light colors serve a purpose for literally keeping you cool during the hottest months of the year.

Ultraviolet rays are absorbed by darker shades, which is why you want to wear garments on the lighter side of the spectrum. Bright blues, light reds, glowing yellows, and even tropical greens – these will make sure you don’t bake in the sun.

You can also never go wrong with a white linen look, which is really the epitome of summer vibes! Even a standard button-down shirt or a white tank top can look fabulous when you’ve got that base tan going strong.

Expand Your Color Palette

Did you know that most people are actually more hesitant to wear new colors than they are to try new style trends or different articles of clothing? Maybe you can relate! 

We all have colors in our wardrobe that we rely on for years, but summertime is the opportunity to experiment. Maybe this is the season you finally wear a light pink top or a pastel yellow skirt that really pops with your skin tone.

Summer is also the perfect time to try out some distinctive patterns and prints that you might otherwise hesitate to wear. The sun is shining, everyone is in a good mood, and people are pushing the limits of style everywhere you look – join in the fun!

Casual Comfort

If you struggle to wear formal clothing during the hot summer season, trust us, you’re not alone. It is notoriously difficult to find appropriate business attire for summer.

Don’t worry; we’ve got some tips on how to make life a bit easier in the office and beyond.

Free the Feet

Depending on how strict your workplace is regarding dress code, you might want to try out some different shoe styles to keep the air flowing and avoid sweaty-feet syndrome.

Leather sandals and shoes with unique strap designs are a good starting point, and can still look dressy if the quality is there. If your office doesn’t allow open-toed shoes (and many don’t), try out a mule, so that you can still keep your feet cool.

If you like flats, be sure to wear some no-show ankle socks with breathable fabric to keep things fresh. Furthermore, you can always store a pair of shoes or two at the office and enjoy some more casual footwear to and from the workplace. 

Accessorize Smart

When it comes to accessories and embellishments, this is your chance to show off some funky, fashion-forward pieces and highlight your best features. This season, women are loving long earrings, straw handbags, arm cuffs, and big belts and waistbands to contrast with their dresses and wraps.

No need to go overboard with too many accessories, since you don’t want to be overburdened. Just a few statement pieces and old-school classics will serve you well.

Embrace Athleisure

We can’t go all summer long without bringing up the biggest trend of the 21st century – athleisure. 

These are the clothes that can take you from the gym to a hopping outdoor brunch spot and everywhere in between. If you haven’t yet familiarized yourself with athleisure outfits, this is your chance to get on board.

Tees, Tanks, and Other Tops

We’re not just talking about the grungy t-shirts from your college sports team. These tops are form-fitting, lightweight, and made from exceptionally soft materials that feel great on your skin – even during the steamiest summer months.

Top-quality yoga clothing will never steer you wrong in the tops department, and it goes beyond standard tees and tanks. Halter tops, crop tops, racerbacks, sports bras… it’s all fair game as long as you are comfortable and confident in your look.

Light, Breathable Bottoms

Those super-tight yoga pants might be a bit heavy-duty in the summer, so why not try lightweight leggings or even capri-length bottoms for a cooling compromise?

Many women also prefer to rock biker shorts during the heated season, since they provide a compression effect for performance without overheating you down there.

If yoga is your thing, you can also try longer, flowing bottoms reminiscent of a Bali retreat. Perhaps they aren’t the most practical pieces for yoga class, but they look great when you’re strolling through the city or lounging at the park. 

Try Something New

Athleisure seems simple on its surface, but there’s more depth to it than you might think. Many women are hesitant to try out new things in the athleisure scene, which is why a yoga subscription box service is such a useful asset.

You simply fill out a short quiz that explains your preferences, body type, and style, then receive a monthly delivery of a fashionable new outfit every month! It’s one of the best ways to enjoy cool, athletic summer styles without stress.



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