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5 Reasons To Be Obsessed With Teeki Activewear

teeki activewear

A yoga clothing brand can be thrust into the spotlight for a few different reasons. They can invest a mountain of money into marketing or they can work tirelessly to build a rock solid reputation of crafting clothes that are of the highest quality—Teeki Activewear has done the latter.

Yogis around the world are falling in love with Teeki for a wide variety of reasons. Here are the top reasons why we think everyone should be obsessed:

#1. Top Quality

Yoga is a unique activity that can put tremendous stress on clothing, there are deep stretches and bends, inversions, constant contact with the floor or your mat.Poorly made products simply won’t hold up over time, so durability and resiliency are always at the top of the list for serious practitioners when it comes to new clothing.

Teeki’s activewear line delivers on all fronts in the quality department. These clothes hold their shape, move with your body and seem incredibly resistant to pulls, tears and wear. Teeki Activewear stands up to even the toughest yoga workouts without any fear of failure—these clothes are built to move.

#2. Comfort

If quality is the top consideration for the experienced yogi, comfort is a close second. Many brands deliver clothing that can hold up to the rigors of a tough yoga workout, but fail to come through when it comes to feeling good on the body.

Yoga is about broadening your mind as much as it is shaping your body, and it’s very difficult to maintain focus and breathe when your clothes are too restrictive, if they twist or if they ride up during certain postures. Teeki understands the importance of comfort during a yoga class and their clothes is among the most comfortable you’ll find at any price point.

#3. Eco-Conscious

Teeki not only produces comfortable and functional yoga clothing, they keep waste out of landfills. While some brands are only concerned with their bottom line, Teeki creates their products with sustainability in mind.

Every piece of Teeki clothing is crafted from fabric that is made from recycled plastic bottles —  that means when you choose Teeki gear, you are not only improving your experience on the mat, your are doing the environment a favor as well.

#4. Style

teeki activewear

Ok, you may be thinking, “there is no way that clothes made from plastic bottles can be fashionable (or comfortable, or durable…),” but in all honesty, you couldn’t be further off the mark.

Teeki’s wide array of patterns and prints are some of the most adorable you’ll find from any yoga clothing brand. From Teeki shorts or pants or sports bras to tops, this apparel works incredibly well both on and off the mat, you can wear your Teeki gear to the office, out to lunch or out for a night on the town without looking like you just stepped out of the yoga studio. And regardless your personal style, Teeki has cuts, colors and prints that will fit your aesthetic.

#5. Made in the USA

In addition to delivering super cute, comfortable and durable yoga clothes to the market, Teeki has built their business right here on US soil. Shopping Teeki supports the local economy and the company cares deeply about the local community as is evident from their charitable efforts.

There are a lot of reasons new and experienced yogis can be excited about Teeki Activewear— from look to function and beyond. That’s why at YogaClub we’re stoked to include the beautiful and high-quality Teeki yoga clothing in your yoga box.

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