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Eight Reasons to Wear Yoga Socks

Your socks have a variety of purposes, if you think about it. Primarily, you use them to keep your feet comfortable inside your shoes. They also help warm your feet on cold days in the house, keep your toes from sweating inside your casual shoes, and prevent blisters from tight shoes. They can add a nice accent to an outfit and provide your feet with a feeling of security. 

But did you know you can also wear a special kind of sock in your yoga practice? 

Questions about Yoga Socks

Perhaps you already knew you could add yoga socks to your athletic wear, and you've been doing so for years. Maybe this is your first time hearing about yoga socks, and you're unsure of what they are. 

If you have never worn them in your practice or are new to yoga, we imagine you might have some questions. No worries! Here are a few answers to some common questions you might be asking about yoga socks. 

Can I Really Wear Socks During Yoga?

You might be surprised to hear this since most yoga studios enforce a 'no shoes' policy to keep floors clean. Socks, however, are welcomed in your practice, and there are a variety of reasons why. If you enjoy being comfortable and feeling supported, these socks are worth looking into. There's no reason to go barefoot if you don't want to! Yoga socks are a perfect clothing article to elevate your practice. 

What Kinds of Yoga Socks are out There? 

Ultimately, there are many purposes for yoga socks. Because of that, there are a few different styles you can typically find in yoga socks. The first kind of yoga socks look exactly like your regular ones but have added grip on the bottom to prevent slipping in the studio. 

Next, some kinds come with toe holes so you can feel mobility in your feet while you practice. Others come with a hole cut out on the top of your foot to allow your skin to stay easy to grip in some poses. 

Can a Beginner Wear Yoga Socks?

You might be thinking that yoga socks are just for those at an intermediate or advanced level in yoga. This is not the case! You can wear yoga socks to enhance your practice if you're seasoned or just starting out. Whether you're attempting an advanced Lord of the Dance pose or the Tree Pose, yoga socks will support your mobility and balance as you practice. 

8 Reasons to Wear Yoga Socks 

Now that you know a few answers to common questions, you might still be wondering one more thing: 'why should I wear yoga socks?' There If you're still looking for more information on whether this athletic wear staple is right for you, keep reading. 

From hygiene to balance, there are many benefits to adding yoga socks to your trusted yoga wear collection. Here are eight reasons you should wear yoga socks in your next yogic practices. 

They Keep You Warm 

Do you get chilly easily? Do you prefer to bring a jacket with you to most places or wear socks around the house to stay cozy? Perhaps your body needs a little more love in that department than most. Warming your feet is a great way to warm your body. Yoga socks can give you that added layer of warmth if going without shoes and socks isn't your typical habit. 

They Increase Your Balance 

Balance is an essential part of your yoga practice. If you want to attempt a plank pose, the added grip on these socks can help you avoid slipping, so you can better focus on tightening your core. If you typically struggle with the Downward Dog pose, the grip can help your feet stay in place on the floor. All you have left focus on is your breath, leaning into the stretch, and being present in the moment.

Yoga Socks Help Your Grip 

As we mentioned, balance is important in yoga, and grip is a vital part of that. Perhaps in your typical yoga practice, your bare feet tend to slip around on the floor. Maybe you find it uncomfortable to rely on your own skin's grip on the floor. Some poses might feel like they stretch your skin a bit too much. Adding yoga socks to your yoga wear can give you increased grip without discomfort. 

They May Help You Get into the Right Headspace

Do you remember the first time you ever slipped on yoga pants and a sports bra that matched? Proper yoga wear feels much better than simply wearing an old pair of sweatpants. A good fit can change your entire mindset. Wearing yoga socks can help prepare your mind and body to enter into a more focused state while you center your body.

They Give You Coverage if Going Barefoot Isn't for You 

Going barefoot just isn't for everyone. But if you love it, that's wonderful for you! Some women enjoy the feeling of having their feet covered rather than exposed. If you get self-conscious about your feet being in the open for everyone to see, you can slip on a pair of yoga socks to prevent that discomfort. 

They Protect Your Feet

Some yoga instructors hold classes in a studio, while others may host them outdoors. If you're unsure of the cleanliness of the floor or want to ensure your feet stay safe from any twigs that may find their way onto your mat, these socks can give you a layer of protection.  

They Look Great on You 

There's something about a well-coordinated set of athleisure wear that can increase your confidence and motivation. When you look good, you'll feel even better. Wearing yoga-specific gear might even help motivate you to have an extra bit of endurance for especially challenging poses. On top of that, yoga socks add a little bit of extra personality to your regular yoga wear. 

They Help You Own Your Practice 

Showing up in old sweats and a t-shirt might sound comfy, but it can ultimately keep you from having a meaningful yoga class. When you're not dressed for the occasion, you're more likely to put in less effort or be mentally checked-out. Adding yoga socks to a well-fitting yoga outfit can help you own your practice and step into presence and embodiment.  

Why Investing in Yoga Activewear is a Great Decision 

Are you brand new to yoga? Maybe you're stepping into a new season of self-care and fitness and don't know where to begin when it comes to activewear. You deserve premium, affordable activewear, and here's why:

Material Makes a Difference 

Having yoga wear with advanced tech can make all the difference in your practice or workout. Moisture-wicking materials help keep sweat away so you can keep moving without distraction. Adjustable straps can help you feel most comfortable and supported in your workout. Four-way stretch technology allows your body to move without inhibition. 

The Right Clothes Support Your Fitness Goals

Having premium, affordable activewear will boost your effectiveness in the gym. Wearing regular, loose leisurewear and a normal bra can cause you to feel sweaty and out of place at the gym, on a morning run, or in your yoga practice. Investing in quality activewear can help you stretch further, go harder, and feel better in the gym or in your home workout. 

Feeling Good = Doing Good 

Another great benefit to high-quality activewear and athleisure is the way it makes you feel. You know how you feel a little more like a boss when you're wearing a blazer? Doesn't it feel great to wear the right pair of tennis shoes to the gym? If you enjoy dressing to feel great, it's important to incorporate great pieces and activewear sets into your wardrobe.

High Quality Pieces Will Last Years

Maybe you're just tired of clothes that fall apart, lose their stretch, or have become roughed-up over the years. If your old activewear set is loose in all the wrong places, torn, or has become too tight to be comfortable, it's time to reward yourself with some new sets. At YogaClub, we’re thrilled to help you choose outstanding pieces that will last for years to come. Start out with our style quiz, and we’ll ship you a box of premium pieces to motivate you in your workouts.

In Conclusion 

You don't need a million reasons to invest in activewear and yoga wear that supports you. You can go ahead and buy new yoga socks that will elevate your yoga practice or a brand new set of activewear that will help you to feel and do your best. As you attempt new poses that need increased balance and grip, you'll be thankful for the extra support for your toes! It's a small change, but it can make a significant difference in your practice.



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