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5 Quick Home Yoga Routines for Women on the Go

at home yoga routine

Yoga doesn’t have to be confined to a studio, especially if you’re an on-the-go woman with a busy lifestyle.  Between work, the commute, the family, and all your social commitments, taking an hour or more out of your day to get dressed, get to class, and actually relax can seem impossible!

While studio yoga gives you the benefit of a teacher and other people to practice with, doing yoga at home can make it easier to sneak a little yoga into your busy day. The best part is that home yoga doesn’t have to be long to get great benefits from it.

Here are some simple routines that can be done during various parts of the day—whether for a boost of energy, a soothing stretch, or a relaxing ritual before bedtime!

1. Good Morning Yoga

Waking up is hard to do!  But rolling out of bed and into this quick routine can ease you into your day smoothly.  The five easy poses--including Tree and Cat/Cow—is designed to get your muscles ready for the day, establishing a few moments of Me-Time before setting off to face the rest of the world.  Getting natural light, breathing deeply, and focusing inward compliment the stretching in this short routine, establishing a good pace for the rest of the day.

2. Get Energized with Vinyasa

Maybe you pop right out of bed, full of energy and ready to tackle the day (if so, lucky you!).  You can still get a positive flow going with this vinyasa flow routine .  Yoga meets movement in this energetic, yet relaxing routine designed to invigorate the body while nourishing the mind with deep breathing.  It’s like yoga meets the rhythm and pace of tai chi, with literal twists on familiar moves to provide a deep stretch.  At only fifteen minutes, you can do it while the coffee is brewing--and then you won’t need the coffee!

at home yoga routine

3. Beat the Midday Blues

Whether at home or on the go, we all seem to get that mid-afternoon case of the drowsies.  Many people grab another cup of coffee, an energy drink, or a sugary snack to give them that extra boost to get through their day, but the best home yoga brings us a short yoga routine that shakes off those midday cobwebs.  

4. Rest Easy with Gentle Poses

After a busy day of running around being superwoman, only the best home yoga can wind you down naturally for a restful night of sleep.  This five-pose routine is designed to do just that, focusing on relaxing, gentle poses that are perfect for soothing away the tensions of the day.  You can literally do this one and go right to sleep--the poses are even designed to be done in bed!

at home yoga routine

5. De-Stress Tense Muscles with Yoga Stretches

Whether you’ve been working out or simply working, our muscles get tense during the day from stress and activity.  For muscles that need a deep before-bed workout, this routine provides seven poses meant to stretch and relax the body.  Soothing tense muscles and relaxing the mind after a tough day, these moves are a little more intense, so they’re great after a workout or a jog, too.

Pro-Tip: Yoga on Your Phone

No discussion of yoga on the go would be complete without pointing out that there are lots of great apps for your phone or tablet.  Take your best home yoga on the go by downloading a yoga app.  Design your own routine for the office, the kids’ sports games, or even on the line at the grocery store!  The best part of yoga is that it can be done anywhere.  All it needs is you!

There are so many different ways to customize your yoga routine to fit your busy schedule. These are just a few examples. What’s your favorite way to fit yoga into your daily life?

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