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Harness the Power of Mantra

Mantra. You’ve heard the word thrown around by your yoga teacher, professional athletes, and that podcast you listen to. But what does it really mean, and how can a mantra (or more than one!) help you?

A Little Background…

The term itself comes from Hindu and Buddhism tradition as a word or sound repeated to help the meditation practice. It helps clear the mind and refocus energy. Think “Om” — it really does have a purpose. Used to open and close many yoga classes, “Om” is a simple mantra that has transcended ancient tradition and made its way to us. The power of mantra isn’t in the Sanskrit. It’s in the meaning you put behind the words or sounds you chant or speak to yourself.

What Kinds of Mantras Are There?

The style of mantra depends on the person. The ancient tradition of mantra includes chanting or repetitive speaking in Sanskrit — something still seen in yoga studios across the globe. Mantras can be English, spoken out loud or repeated in your head. You can also integrate your mantra with a mudra (hand position) to physically feel it in your body.

How are Mantras Used?

Different people use mantras for different things. You may have used one without even realizing it! While the obvious option is to use a mantra in your yoga or meditation practice to calm the mind, that’s not all. Professional athletes and weekend warriors alike use mantras to motivate them to achieve a goal or cross the finish line. Studying for a tough test? Speak your mantra. Worried about a difficult conversation? Repeat your mantra.

Why are Mantras So Powerful?

It’s all about your mindset. Your mantra should be something that makes you BELIEVE — even if you don’t at first. The constant repetition of a positive thought or affirmation will have an impact on your confidence and help diminish self-doubt.

How Are Mantras Created?

While many mantras go back thousands of years, you can create a new mantra anytime it serves you. Simply think about what will quell your fears, settle your mind, and inspire you.

To help you get inspired, here’s a few of our favorite mantras.

  • I am strong. I am powerful.
  • Be positive. Be patient. Be persistent.
  • I am loved. I am love.
  • I believe so I will achieve.

If you have a favorite mantra, share it with us! By sharing what inspires each of us, we can rise together.

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