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Is a Monthly Fitness Box Right For You? Take The YogaClub Quiz!

monthly fitness box

A monthly fitness box subscription can seem like a big commitment. If you only workout a few times a week, it might seem easier to just re-wear your active gear again, and again. Or maybe you’ve shied away from fitness boxes in the past because they didn’t offer the quality you need (let’s be real, the squat test matters!).

Whether you are an amateur runner or master yogi, a monthly fitness box can have a profoundly positive impact on your entire wardrobe! At YogaClub, we know that clothes should always make you feel your best t. Find out if a YogaClub box is right for you with our short quiz:

Do You Want Athletic Gear That Will Last?

There are plenty of yogis and gym junkies out there who have invested serious money in clothes from well known brands and had issues almost immediately. Clothes that quickly show signs of wear, have issues with construction or fail during a workout leaving you exposed to the entire studio simply aren’t worth it. At YogaClub, we offer brands that have a strong reputation of crafting clothes that stand up to the stress of yoga and everyday wear. Our monthly fitness boxes are filled with clothes from Onzie, Teeki and Manduka (just to name a few). These manufacturers are known to produce some of the most stylish and resilient yoga clothes on the market.

Do You Love High Quality Yoga Gear, But Struggle With the Price Tag?

At retail value, the athletic gear you need is pricey. Unless you want to make sacrifices (low quality gear won’t last, can be bad for workouts, and is usually following last year’s trends), it can seem like the styles you want are hard to come by at the right price and you could end up spending hundreds of dollars for one outfit!

When you sign up for one of YogaClub’s monthly fitness box you are getting up to 60% off retail prices for the best quality! And to sweeten the deal, you’ll get the brands that you love at affordable prices.

Would You Like a Personal Stylist To Curate Your Outfit?

While shopping in a retail store, you are limited to the designs you find on the rack. And let’s face it, that can be boring! Even if you find the perfect pattern or cut, there is a good chance that they won’t have it in your size. Shopping online offers more options, but not the same opportunities to mix and match styles to know what looks good.

With a YogaClub monthly fitness box, you can adapt and adjust your selections in your monthly to fit your needs and your style. The best part is that after you take  our style quiz, a personal stylist will curate your box to make sure that you love what you get (and look great in it too!).

monthly yoga box

Would You Rather Have Fun Than Waste Time?

Running errands, trying on clothes, waiting in long lines can all be a drag (even if you enjoy shopping). It’s even more frustrating to not find exactly what you want or feel like you are getting the best deal for a brand you love.

With a monthly fitness box from YogaClub, you’ll always get yoga clothes that are a perfect fit for your style and favorite ways to sweatfrom street to studio. There is no wasted time, just brand new yoga gear delivered right to your door at the same time every month. Have fun with the surprise of finding out what our stylist picked for you!

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then you could benefit from a subscription to one of our monthly fitness boxes. Head over to our website, check out our brands and fill out our style quizquestionnaire andso you can start enjoying your brand new, top quality yoga gear in no time!

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