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How to Avoid Paying Full Price at Yoga Clothing Stores

yoga clothing stores

Do you want top yoga brands, but don’t want to break the bank?  Maybe you think getting the best yoga clothing is out of your reach.  A lot of it can be expensive, especially at retail prices!  

But expensive retailers aren’t the only place to get top yoga brands.  There are lots of hacks for getting top yoga brands at low prices, and absolutely none of them require robbing a yoga studio or a bank!  You can look fabulous, no matter what your budget!  


Each month, YogaClub offer a new box with brand new, high end yoga gear.  With a YogaClub membership, you can choose your desired style and payment plan. It’s easy, fast, and yogis are obsessed! Not only do you get the brands you love (like Onzie, Manduka, and LuLuLemon), but you get the added bonus of a box being styled just for you. Try out your first month and be prepared to get addicted!

Discount Stores

Target and Walmart shouldn’t be discluded from your list of spots for yoga clothes.  While their selection is limited, they do have some nice designs and great brands.  Old Navy has yoga apparel on its website, and often has specials with huge discounts.  

Even department stores have specials like this.  Being on the lookout for great deals is as easy as checking your local shopper.  Check your mail for this and other direct-mail advertisements, because even the biggest department stores have large-discount sales to make room for new merchandise!

The downside of discount stores? Usually these brands use cheaper material or are made overseas, so be a smart shopper!

Online Shopping

Shopping online is another great way to get top yoga brands at discount prices.  Many websites offer their wares at lower prices than their in-person counterparts, and even going to a store might find you looking online anyway for a size or style that’s out of stock.  

Other stores don’t even have physical locations, and handle the entirety of your order online.  They even ship straight to your home, so you can have top yoga brands right at your doorstep! The only downside is sometimes customers have been tricked into clothing scams that don’t show accurate photos of the product.

24-Hour Flash Sales

A phenomenon almost exclusive to the internet, some sites offer sales that take place over a 24-hour period, during which prices may be reduced as much as 80%!  The merchandise offered at these great discounts is different every day, so checking up or following the site is a good idea.  Many yoga brands’ sites do this, as well as many other stores that sell clothing and yoga apparel, it just might take a little extra effort on your part.

yoga clothing stores


The reason a lot of stores and sites can offer top yoga brands at discount prices is because they get them wholesale.  Some of these places, like Amazon, Overstock, and Light in the Box, pass these savings down to you in the form of wholesale prices and discount shipping.  Usually you have to have a merchant account to bypass wholesale outlets, but some vendors will sell wholesale to individuals as well. Again, watch out for scams!

Saving money on yoga gear is a matter of looking in the right places for what you want.  There is no arcane secret to finding top yoga brands at discount prices.  They are all waiting for you in a variety of places, from down the street to at your fingertips!

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