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Are Clothing Subscription Boxes Worth It?

Ever heard of clothing subscription boxes? These days, we have subscription boxes for a whole host of other things, from candles and soaps to fragrances and beer.

It’s a fun and exciting experience. What’s better than getting some goodies in the mail – it’s a nice change from bills!

Anyone who works out knows the ongoing struggle of choosing the right clothes for the gym. They need to be stylish, they need to be “you,” and they need to be the right material, shape, size, style, and cut for your exercise approach.

Put all those criteria against the vast sea of gym apparel available online, and yes - you might get a little overwhelmed by it all.

So, are clothing subscription boxes worth the money? We say yes, and here’s why.

How Clothing Subscription Boxes Work

Without a basic understanding of these boxes, you might wonder how they even work. Here’s an overview of the process and methods behind the service.

Getting to Know You

How can any subscription box service know what sorts of things you like? How can it anticipate your exercise needs and select gear that will be right for you?

It all begins with a short quiz that allows you to pinpoint your exact specifications, such as how you like to work out, your body type, and other important factors.

All this data – with the help of expert shoppers and stylists – will determine what items appear in the box.

The company will make decisions based on brands they recognize and trust, combined with your requirements and preferences. This approach helps to cut through some of the noise and eliminate products that aren’t suitable.

Narrow it Down

Clothing subscription boxes often work on the idea that you only keep and buy the items you love from the box – the rest can be sent back, no questions asked.

You don’t have to keep items that don’t fit, don’t flatter, or don’t appeal – you just pay for and keep the things you love. What a great way to refresh your gym attire with minimal effort!

That makes everything easy and helps the service further understand your style.

Advantages and Upsides

Subscription clothing boxes are popular for a reason. Here a few things people love about the products and services right now.

Controlled Spending

There are quite a few pros to this system, starting with the cost factor – more specifically, how much you spend in a single go.

We all know that sports gear is pricey, and a trip to the store can add up quickly.

Subscription boxes aren’t necessarily cheap, but if you’re an impulse shopper, they can actually save you money every month.

Think about it. You won’t be grabbing at random extra items while you browse. You won’t get to the checkout with fifty items instead of ten. You get one box of gym clothes, and that’s it!

Your Own Pace

Another great aspect of a subscription box is that you can try the clothes on at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home, and – most importantly – with the rest of your gym closet to hand to compare goods.

Want to know if the sports bra goes with your favorite pair of yoga pants? No problem. Want to check a color match? Easy!

You can build outfits with everything you own and take your time trying on clothes are your own pace, without lining up for dressing rooms or finding that an item you love is out of stock in your size.

Always in Style

Subscription boxes are also a great way to stay ahead of trends and styles. You don’t have to keep doing research and taking endless trips to the shops.

Just depend on someone else whose entire job is to track trends and deliver them directly to you!

Because the sportswear world moves so fast and the clothes wear out more quickly than normal clothes, it’s great to have a constant flow of products to look at and consider.

Subscription boxes bring variety to your gym wardrobe, too. You might find that something you didn’t expect to like actually really suits you or brings out the best in another understated garment.

Another set of eyes on the situation never hurts. Letting someone else pick items for you based on the data you input is a great way to add freshness to your look and expand your style options.

If you’re not a shorts person, you may suddenly find a pair that works with your physique. If you never thought you could wear a tank top, you can try one on and maybe be a convert!

Whatever your old preferences and biases are when it comes to your gym wear, a subscription box can help you step out of that comfort zone while taking your personal style into account.

Smart, Minimal Shopping

These days, our problem is sometimes having too many clothes in our closets. A subscription box ensures we have what we need for maximum use and conscious consumption.

We’ve all been there – realizing that an item you bought from the store is actually very similar to things you already own. You don’t need more blue running shorts or a second pair of black leggings in just a slightly different shade.

We all rely on habits when making choices, and subscription boxes help us regulate our shopping patterns in a way that makes everything low-stress and so simple.

Burst of Motivation

If you’re not a big fan of shopping for gym clothes, clothing subscription boxes are a great way to look and feel fabulous from the comfort of your own home.

They can be a fantastic way to save time and to end up with items in your gym wardrobe that you might not normally think to pick up.

You may find a new material you love, a style you adore, or a two-piece to try for the first time. Keeping your gym wardrobe fresh can also help you to stay motivated about exercising. Get in the studio with those fresh threads and rock it!

Potential Issues to Consider

Some people might not just be suited for a subscription box, and there are certain services that lack key features. We’ll address these considerations and concerns now.

Too Much Gear?

Here’s an obvious one: if you don’t plan on buying a lot of gym wear, a subscription box is not for you.

Maybe you’re just a once-a-month yogi, and you’re better off popping down to your local sportswear shop and just grabbing one or two items from the shelves.

If your closet is already overflowing with fabulous workout gear, don’t sign up!

Wait until your current wardrobe is worn out and out-of-date before jumping on board with a subscription service of any kind.

Timing Matters

Some services have quite a short turnaround time for sending stuff back, which is a pain if you’re busy.

You should always make sure you know what these terms are so you don’t end up paying for clothes you don’t want.

This also means you need to be organized and get items back to the company promptly if they aren’t your ideal choice. The answer to this problem? Stay on top of your schedule and set aside some extra time to try on your clothes and make smart decisions.

Concerns About Cost

Many people associate subscription boxes with costly services that don’t actually save you money. If you pick the right ones, you can definitely get some quality, affordable yoga clothes from premium brands!

Yes, there are subscription boxes that just deliver the most expensive clothes at a further markup, but those aren’t the services that are worthwhile in the long run.

Honesty and Openness

Here’s a question to ask yourself: can you honestly assess your own style, workout preferences, body type, and more? These are personal questions, and they can be a bit invasive for some people.

If you don’t put a lot of information and thought into answering the questions, you probably aren’t going to end up as a very satisfied customer.

What you say in the quiz will determine what is ultimately included in your box, so think carefully about the questions and answer them thoughtfully.


If you like to browse and choose your own gear, subscription boxes probably won’t present a very practical or economical way to buy gym clothes. Stick to the malls and department stores, in that case.

However, if you’re busy, you dislike crowded stores, or you’re struggling to breathe fresh inspiration into your gym style, these boxes can be a great option in the short or long term.

For sportswear, in particular, subscriptions are hugely valuable, adding an expert touch to the challenge of choosing quality, trendy gear for your wardrobe. Try out one of these services for yourself and find that burst of inspiration and motivation you’ve been looking for.



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