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Body Positivity Yogis You Should Follow Now

From your own self care commitments and the way that you speak about yourself, to the love you express in this world and the influences you let your mind interact with, the body positive movement is a multi-dimensional journey.

One of the most influential aspects of this journey is social media. Have you ever looked at who you follow? Do they promote a supportive message? Do they share love and authenticity? If you feel negative emotions of guilt, envy or shame while you’re scrolling, then it’s definitely time to switch up the accounts that you follow!

To experience the contagious love of the body positive movement, we put together this list of empowering body positivity yogis who not only share high quality content, but are also their true authentic selves!

Jennifer Buckingham

plus size yoga

Jennifer gives us a front row seat on her journey as a plus size life and style blogger. From flowing on her mat in her plus size yoga clothing to strutting around in beautiful sundresses, it’s nearly impossible to not smile while checking out her body positivity posts. Plus, she’s recently married and the photos are gorgeous!

Perfectly Imperfect Yogi

plus size yoga

Jamie is not only a health, wellness and yoga blogger, but she is also a YogaClub Tribe Leader! We’re honored to have Jamie represent YogaClub because she keeps it real while promoting positive body image. Plus, she looks amazing sporting plus size activewear! If you want encouragement, honesty and some amazing content on your feed, then definitely give her a follow!

Adriana Paiva 

plus size yoga

Adriana turns body positivity into a full on lifestyle! From strutting her latest outfit to showing off her plus size activewear in the studio, Adriana’s content is all about promoting positive body image on her yoga journey. This bilingual goddess is also on the Body Positive Panel, which only seems fitting due to her dedication to the body positive movement.

The Nourishment Coach

plus size activewear

Ok, Natasha’s page is like if Sabrina the Teenage Witch became a yoga instructor, nutrition foodie and body positive advocate. Her page is a perfect mix between beautiful yoga poses in gorgeous plus size activewear, inspirational self love captions, impromptu travels and hints of spirituality. Plus, she’s a nourishment and social media coach, offering certified trainings in both areas of expertise! 

Yoga With Sasha

body positivity

For those who are looking for body positive yoga inspiration, then Sasha is definitely your girl! As a certified yoga instructor, Sasha provides amazing resources for fellow yoga teachers, shares step-by-step guides for yoga for beginners, and demonstrates practical tips for any experienced yogi. She does all of this with a contagious smile and while sporting the best yoga gear!

Love The Prosas

body positivity

If you’re looking to fill your feed with positive vibes, then it’s time to give Stephanie a follow! Not only does she promote positive body image, but this mommy blogger also shares the joy of family. From sharing her recipes, rocking the best in activewear fashion and sharing tidbits of positivity along the way, Stephanie’s account encompasses everything that is good in this life!


Morgan Pullin

plus size activewear

Does your feed need a color pop? That’s no problem for Morgan! Her bright, carefree and fun posts give a whole new element to body positive fashion. Plus, she shares tons of plus size clothing recommendations! Apart from being a fashionista, Morgan also shares her travel adventures, which are guaranteed to brighten up your scrolling time and give you some serious wanderlust.

If you want even more body positivity on your feed, then follow YogaClub where you can see these goddesses featured and in action while strutting the latest trends in yoga wear!



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