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Athletic Wear Options for an Apple Shaped Body

There has never been a better time than right now to invest in quality, stylish athletic wear. No matter your gym routine or fitness goals, there are tons of options available that will suit your preferences for color, fit, and fabric. You just need to know where to look!

But before you start loading up your cart with stretchy, high-tech activewear, you need to first account for your body type. Everyone has a different silhouette, and you want your gear to match your unique dimensions and ratios.

If you have an apple-shaped body with a round figure and slimmer legs, there are certain pieces and patterns you’ll want to seek out that maximize your looks and comfort.

Here is your guide to shopping for athletic wear for apple-shaped bodies and some tips on finding great deals for premium brands you love.

Apple Shaped Body Characteristics

Not sure whether you’ve got the apple shape or something else? Think of it more as a guideline and not a 100% accurate description. After all, no two bodies are the same.

However, if you have narrow hips, a larger bust, and a full midsection, you may classify your body as apple-shaped. Just be sure to check out a chart comparing the various body types to see if there’s a better way to describe your dimensions.

Maybe you’ve had a couple of kids, and you’re just getting back into the gym, or you’ve let work take priority over your health in the past few years, and it’s time to turn things around. No matter what your situation, you deserve credit for taking the first step in the right direction!

If you are certain that you have the apple shape and already have a substantial wardrobe built up for work and play, you can use your existing clothes as a jumping-off point for your athletic wear choices.

Go through your closet to see what outfits you return to over and over, then find the common patterns and shapes that make certain pairings work better than others.

For example, you might find that you love wearing wraps that define your waistline or V-necks that draw more attention to the neckline and collarbone areas. Maybe you prefer to wear pants with a slightly higher waistline with bootcut hems that balance your look from top to bottom.

The more you understand your own style and get comfortable with go-to outfits, the easier time you’ll have when sourcing and shopping for great athletic wear.

Starting from the Top

You might have an idea of what looks great at the office or on a night out, but when it comes to the gym or the yoga studio, finding the right top for an apple-shaped body isn’t so easy.

First off, you’ll want to look for tops that offer a loose and comfortable fit, since comfort is a top priority when buying athletic wear. People wear these comfy clothes everywhere nowadays, not just during a workout!

With that in mind, look for tops that feel great on the skin and don’t restrict your movement in any way whatsoever. When trying on a tank top or a t-shirt, make sure you can twist, turn, and touch high and low before adding it to your wardrobe.

As you might already know from experience, yoga and other forms of training require you to move in some challenging and unexpected ways. Your athletic wear needs to provide support, coverage, and comfort during every pose and exercise, so go for the fits that feel good and actually enhance performance.

Cotton is an old standby, but it lacks some of the moisture-wicking technology and antimicrobial capabilities of more modern fabrics. You also might want a bit more stretch to your clothes, so look for blends with hints of nylon, spandex, and maybe some rayon or polyester.

Not only will these fabrics offer a soft sensation on the skin, but they will also give you some extra support with a compression effect to boost performance. Pick the right athletic wear for your shape, and your entire workout experience will get an upgrade!

In terms of top design, your goal is to show off those strong shoulders, and if you want, draw some extra attention to the bust in order to balance out the tummy and waistline.  

Racer necks or halter tops are a smart idea for those with the apple shape since there are some interesting and eye-catching designs that emphasize the neck and bust areas while allowing for a generous range of motion.

Check out tops that feature unique patterns across the neck and chest, with various-sized straps or X-shaped arrangements of fabric that make you feel sporty and stylish. These looks may not be in your wheelhouse, but try them out and expand your fitness fashion horizons!

As we mentioned earlier, V-necks are a reliable way to keep the attention up top, so you can’t go wrong with most tees and long-sleeves with this pattern on the front. You’ll also find tops with wide scoop shapes that reveal the upper chest and give you a lot of room to move around with confidence in a dance class or yoga session.

Things get slightly trickier when finding tops that fit well around the middle. The key is to avoid tops that are too loose around the bottom and further widen the silhouette.

If you can find a top that tightens or clinches around the waist, you’ve got a winner. Just make sure you don’t feel too restricted around the midsection because you’ll be moving and grooving in the gym more aggressively than you might think.

Try out a bunch of different tops to see what looks and feels best for the gym and beyond. You may discover some unexpected fits that suit your body shape, so it never hurts to try out some new shapes and styles.

Leggings and Shorts

With an extensive arsenal of great athletic tops, you will easily show off your favorite features and have a high-octane workout every time. You’ll also need bottoms like shorts, capris, and leggings to complete the look and complement your natural shape.

Thankfully, you’ve got a lot of options when it comes to athletic wear bottoms, and you should show off those legs with unique styles and shapes.

You can look for hybrid styles of long shorts or capris that offer a high waistline and draw the eyes to the ankle or knees. Some workout leggings even offer a bit more flare at the bottom, but they should be avoided if you don’t want to throw off your proportions.  

Once again, fabric matters a lot when selecting workout gear, so be sure to find quality materials that provide plenty of stretch and support throughout the legs and butt. Don’t sacrifice comfort to fit into some clothes that may save you a couple of extra inches! You want full mobility at all times so you can maximize results.

Sometimes the weather will call for shorts, so keep a few pairs in the wardrobe for those hot summer months. You want your shorts to be comfortable, supportive, and form-fitting without constricting your movement too much.

Bike-style shorts are great for those with an apple-shaped physique since they cut off just above the knee and draw attention to the lower legs. They also fit snugly around the midsection without too much extra constriction.

In general, you want to avoid baggy or billowing shorts as you see on the basketball court or at the skateboard shop. These are not only less flattering to your dimensions, but all that extra fabric may also have a negative impact on the quality of your workouts.

Keep things cool and close to the body so that you can stay amped up during those grueling workouts and challenging yoga or spin classes. Your leggings can give you a huge performance advantage, so look for quality fabrics that offer an athletic edge.

Athletic Wear on Autopilot

If you have an apple-shaped physique and you aren’t sure how to step into the world of athletic wear, this guide can set you in the right direction.

However, you may need some extra help to pick out the perfect pieces, which is why you could benefit from a subscription service that hand-selects the best athletic wear outfits for your needs.

Check out Yoga Club to take a quick 3-minute quiz that discovers all the relevant info about your personal style, how you work out, and even the colors and patterns that suit you best.

Whether you have the apple-shaped body we discussed in this article or any other type of physique, these outfit boxes are going to check all the right boxes. Read up more about how we do things at Yoga Club and follow us on social media to be part of the movement.



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