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Best Athleisure Styles for Winter

Wearing yoga pants and your favorite tee shirt to the store used to be just a habit, but now it has a name: athleisure. As you might guess, this term basically describes the trend of wearing workout clothes everywhere, not just the gym. And in most cases, you end up pairing one or two pieces of activewear with regular clothing and accessories. If you’re new to this practice, check out some ideas on the best athleisure styles to wear this winter so you stay warm and comfortable while looking chic.

Throw a Jacket Over Any Activewear

Whether you just got out of yoga class or have simply been bumming around the house in a tank top and yoga pants, add a stylish jacket over top to kick up your outfit this winter. This will keep you warm while hiding the fact that you’re wearing workout gear underneath—which may be a good idea if you’re going to a nice restaurant that would frown on seeing your sports bra! Just make sure you grab a stylish jacket, not your rattiest hoodie. For example, a bomber jacket paired with leggings is one athleisure trend you’ll see this winter.

Put a Scarf on It

You can make any workout attire more stylish and winter-appropriate by adding a scarf. This chic accessory goes well with leggings, tennis shoes, a shirt and a vest. But it also goes great with your softest yoga pants, a comfortable sweater and a pair of sneaker boots. Either way, you’ll feel cozy and look classy this winter when you add a scarf to your athleisure outfit.

Mix Tight and Loose Clothing

Activewear tends to be form fitting, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear skin-tight clothing from head to toe. If you wouldn’t exactly be comfortable in a spandex dress that hugs your whole body, you can compromise by pairing a bodysuit or leotard with baggy, comfortable track pants. You’ll find this is a favorite look for many celebrities this winter, so get in on the trend if you want another great athleisure look.

Top It Off with a Hat

Winter is the perfect time to wear a hat with any outfit, even if only to keep your head warm. And working out is another great reason to wear a hat. So it makes sense that the best athleisure styles often include one! But what kind? Well, you can’t go wrong with a baseball hat paired with yoga pants and a tee shirt. Another hat that’s popular in the winter is the traditional beanie, which always looks cute with a stylish jacket, leggings and boots.

If any of these winter athleisure trends sound good to you, it’s time to begin building up your wardrobe with activewear like yoga pants and sports bras. One of the easiest ways to stock up on these items is to join YogaClub and get them shipped right to your door. Just sign up today and fill out a style quiz to get started!

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