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Ask Our Stylists Anything!

Last week, we asked you to submit your top questions for our expert team of stylists on Instagram. We love that so many of you responded with such great questions, we decided to take to the blog to answer them for you!

Vie Active

Do you have any new brands? Yes! Introducing you to different brands is one of the best parts of our job! A few brands we recently partnered with that you may see in upcoming boxes include Chaser, Vie Active, and Visakai.

What’s your favorite activewear trend right now? We’re absolutely LOVING matching sets. This is something we’re seeing from a lot of activewear brands and we’re really digging it. Color blocking is also a trend we’re loving.

@laurenzoeller in a matching set by Threads 4 Thought. Photo credit: @danielchristopherphoto

Do you have a YTT (yoga teacher training) that you recommend? There are so many incredible programs out there! Our recommendation is to find a style and teacher that you love. If you’re looking for specific advice or inspiration, post a question in our community group My Yoga Journey! And, if you’re considering going abroad for your YTT, read this post first!

Are bodysuits on the horizon? I’ve seen them becoming somewhat popular? Great question! We’ve done our research and haven’t seen this trend take off so we’re holding off on adding them into our boxes.

Can we get a code for free shipping? We love offering our members special perks for being part of YogaClub. Stay subscribed to our e-newsletter for offers like this!

Any chance on offering 100% organic boxes, ie, no synthetics? We’re always looking to partner with brands that take sustainability seriously! We currently partner with quite a few brands (Teeki, Onzie, Manduka, Threads 4 name a few) that create their apparel from recycled materials or organic cottons

Can I request one brand? No. One of the great things about YogaClub is that we give you the opportunity to discover new brands! If you request just one brand we're really limited in styling you. In some cases we may not have enough inventory in stock to match your style preferences or fill your box.

How do I become an ambassador? Our Tribe Leader ambassador program is open to fitness instructors, wellness enthusiasts and just plain awesome women. If that’s you, we’d love to have you apply! Head to to apply.

Do you check what you sent in previous boxes before you style the next month? Yes! We also check to see what your feedback on those items was before we style you. The more information you give us, the better we get at styling you!

Do you take previous exchanges into consideration when selecting new items? Absolutely! We see what feedback you gave each previous item as well as what you received in your exchange.

How do I subscribe and get a box? Easy! Head to to create an account, take our style quiz, then checkout!

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