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Why Fitness Lovers LOVE Yoga-Hybrid Workouts

hybrid workouts

If you’re a yoga devotee, but you’re tired of your practice or feel like you need a more intense workout or to shake things up a little, yoga-hybrid workouts could be the answer. If you’ve always wanted to try yoga, but dismissed it as more of a relaxation technique than a true workout, integrate it into a more intense fitness routine with a yoga-hybrid workout.

When yoga first became popular in the U.S. in the 1980s, it was seen as the stuff of health retreats and day spas, not a legitimate form of workout. Nowadays, that attitude has greatly changed with Yoga Journal reporting in 2016 that the number of Americans practicing yoga had increased by 50% over the last four years.

However, more than 75% of those practitioners also report engaging in other forms of exercise, whether it running, another fitness class, weight lifting, or outdoor exercise. Yoga-Hybrid workouts are the perfect way to combine your yoga practice and your fitness routine into one fun and refreshing workout. Whether you’re bored with more traditional yoga practice, have been afraid to try yoga full-on, are feeling adventurous, or just feel like shaking things up, there’s a yoga hybrid for you.

Many DVD programs offer classes that blend yoga and yoga breathing patterns with the practice of pilates, tai chi, dance, and martial arts. This includes DVD fitness programs like PiYo, BodyFlow, and budokon, a course that mixes martial arts with yoga. There truly is a yoga-hybrid workout for everyone!

For Dance Lovers:

hybrid workouts

Some people love to take dance classes, but if you wish your dance classes had more targeted workouts or a portion of time devoted to stretching and meditation, than a yoga-dance hybrid could be for you.

There are hybrids for nearly every type of dancer. From Breakti, a class that fuses break dancing with yoga practice, to Yollet, a yoga class infused with ballet, there is truly something for everyone whether you’re a serious dancer or just want to shake your stuff. Caponyasa is a Vinyasa-based practice that incorporates dance moves and the techniques of Brazilian martial art Capoeira into the practice. A bevy of yoga dance studios are springing up that combine the stretching and relaxation of yoga with the aerobic fitness of a dance workout. It’s a fun and spirited way to workout that defies the stereotypes of hippy-dippy yoga practice.

For Weightlifters:

hybrid workouts

Yoga is an amazing way to build muscle using your own body weight, but some people are still looking for more. If you love your barre class, try Core Fusion Yoga, which blends the intense workouts of barre with an athletic series of yoga poses. Or really take things to the next level with

Yoga Sculpt, which uses the poses and flows of a traditional vinyasa class, but it adds the challenge of executing the poses while holding small hand weights. You’ll burn fat and build muscle in entirely new ways by combining your weight lifting and yoga regimens. Additionally, many men avoid yoga because they see it as a more girly workout and turn to the gym and the weight room to build their strength. Don’t let stigma or gender expectations get you down -- there’s always Broga -- a yoga workout geared specifically at men.

For Outdoorsy Folk:

hybrid workouts

Maybe you love the idea of yoga, but hate the idea of being cooped up in a yoga studio and would rather be outside getting some fresh air. There’s plenty of yoga hybrids for you too, especially if you’re over beach yoga. If you love the beach but want to get out in the water, try Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga which challenges its practitioners to execute yoga poses while balancing on a paddle board. This hybrid requires excellent balance and stability while you use your board as a yoga mat in the open ocean.

If you’re more of a winter sports person, try Snowga, which works a series of yoga poses into skiing and snowboarding (most common is a series of poses designed to be done in skis with poles) and is growing in popularity at ski resorts. There’s also Trail Yoga, which takes class members into the great outdoors on hikes and stops periodically for a series of poses along the trail.

For Those Who Want a High Energy Workout:

hybrid workouts

If you love yoga, but you want to maximize your workout by getting the stretching and strength-building of yoga with the high energy of a cardio workout, there are plenty of options. Take the flow of vinyasa yoga and turn it up a notch with Hot Vinyasa Yoga in a heated studio that can rise to 105 degrees. The temperatures will increase flexibility but also boost blood and metabolism, leading to an intense, sweaty workout.

One of the most popular yoga hybrids is Koga, a blend of kickboxing and yoga that allows for the cardio and aggression of kickboxing while also helping you rebalance through a series of yoga flows. There’s also Boot Camp Yoga, which blends yoga with circuit-training techniques to help build lean muscle and send your heart rate racing.

For the Adventurous:

hybrid workouts

Maybe you’re feeling really wild and just want to try something new and excited. While there’s always Naked Yoga for the truly outrageous, there’s plenty of wild hybrids that don’t involve doing a literal half moon pose. For the young at heart, there’s Trampoline Yoga, which replaces yoga mats with mini trampolines and uses the bounce to help enhance balance, calm, and strength. If you really want to push yourself, there’s Aerial Yoga, which involves executing your yoga practice in the air suspended from a hammock. It’s extremely intense, but it’s a killer workout. Or if you’re looking for something a little more fun, there’s Laughing Yoga, which asks practitioners to induce laughter while holding yoga poses, working the core and activating key brain pathways that promote relaxation and happiness.

For People who Just Want to Relax:

hybrid workouts

Maybe you’ve had it with intense workouts and you’re looking for a form of yoga that’s all about finding your maximum level of peace and relaxation. Try AcroYoga which blends traditional yoga with Thai massage and acrobatics. What better than getting a massage while you work out? Or bring along your furry friend to really raise your happiness factor with Doga, which includes assisted stretching for your dog while you join in a series of stress-releasing poses.

No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a Yoga-Hybrid workout out there for you. That’s why fitness lovers adore it so much -- you can reap all the benefits of restorative practice and strength-building while blending it with your needs or your favorite form of fitness.

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