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Top Yoga Shirt Styles for Cold Weather

yoga shirt

Fall is finally here. It’s time for warm beverages, cuddly sweaters, and relaxing by a roaring fireplace. But as the temperature drops in the coming months, yoga enthusiasts may find themselves in a strange predicament. What shirt can you wear to class and still keep warm? After all, yoga shirts are often short-sleeved, thin, and form-fitting--not exactly ideal winter garb.

Thankfully, the fitness fashion world has created loads of comfortable and beautiful shirts that are great for wearing from October to February. And with so many options available to you, you can experiments with as many styles as you’d like!

yoga shirt

Light Material, Long Sleeves

As soon as the Pumpkin Spice Latte hits a Starbucks menu near you, we all know it’s time to bust out the long sleeved, chunky sweaters. However, those warm, cozy knits just don’t cut it in the yoga studio. Keep warm instead with a nice spandex or lycra top, fit with long sleeves.

The sleeves can keep you comfortable both outside and in the studio. In fact, some of these tops are made with compression fabric, which helps to increase your circulation (keeping your body temp up) and reduce muscle fatigue (so you can stand in eagle pose for hours).

yoga shirt

Keep Warm With Layers

Though the weather outside is frightful, the temperature at your bikram yoga class is still toasty as ever. When you’re expecting an especially warm yoga practice, long sleeves might not do the trick. Thankfully, there are plenty of great layering options that can help you brave the elements until you are safe inside the studio.  

A warm zip-up sweater or thermal works great in climates where it might get cold, but not freezing. Simply bundle up before you head to class, then shed the layers upon arrival. Or, if you need some extra insulation for the walk from the parking lot, consider a thermal vest paired with your puffy winter jacket. The key to layering is finding something you can take off easily, so that you can get to your practice without a lot of hassle.

yoga shirt

Bundle Up With a Hoodie

If the rain or sleet or snow is coming down, you’ll want something to protect your head before you hit the mat. With a fashionable hoodie, you’ll be able to be the star of your studio and keep your hair nice and dry. Just be sure to find a hoodie that’s a little more form-fitting; in yoga, it is important that you can see the lines of your body to ensure you’re doing each posing correctly.

The fall and winter months should not interfere with your yoga fashion game, and with these cute and comfortable styles you’ll be able to continue your practice and keep yourself warm until the temperature starts to rise again.

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