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Spring Equinox: Nature’s Nudge To Grow

Spring Equinox

Happy Spring Equinox! It’s no secret that Spring brings big, beautiful change. Every year, we experience the shift from cold, short winter days, to warmer, longer days. Flowers bloom, fruits grow, days become longer in our northern hemisphere. Earth keeps its cycles going without apparent reasoning —  no explanation necessary.

Looking to nature has been the most reliable resource for my own growth and clarity while navigating internal processes in search of living a more authentic and fulfilled life.

Beyond organized religions that focus on adapting to belief systems, from an early age, I began asking myself ‘What’s more real than that which I see and observe with my own eyes?’ When I’m able to look at this planet as a guide and see (through geometric patterns on plants, happenings within seasons and their cycles, animals in their natural habitat, etc.) that hardship is not eternal, that aligned efforts will be rewarded, that there are no mistakes.

We can witness this cycle from the micro (day cycles) to the macro (annual). Everything matters and repeats. These are the outlets I find myself naturally tapping esoteric wisdom from, that give a sense of understanding myself, the world around me, and our inherent connectedness on a greater scale.

Annual Scale - Spring > Summer > Fall > Winter

Spring Equinox

Lunar Month Scale - First Quarter > Full Moon > Third Quarter > New Moon (tides, crop livelihood and natural female fertility cycles interact with moon cycles)

Spring Equinox


Day Scale - Morning > Afternoon > Evening > Night

Spring Equinox

With every thought/behavior/action we are, ultimately, making choices that build who we see ourSelves as and how we function in the world.

And it’s up to us to take this responsibility, change and maintain, as we find what feels good.  

Over time, with many seasons of experimenting these processes of cycles with growth, I’ve come to find what works for me. As much as I enjoy the benefits of living in a lightning-fast society, it’s also incredibly charming, to me, that the best lessons in life are brought on by time. There is no bypassing patience in harnessing true knowledge and wisdom.

What’s that quote?

“The ears of wisdom open only to the whispers of time.”

I encourage this notion, for those seeking change in their own lives. It doesn’t matter how small or large the change you seek, when we start getting intentional with time and thought patterns is when we start giving ourselves power that makes change an inevitability. Allow yourself the time to get quiet in your own life. Come to witness your own weaknesses, where you struggle and seek to grow. Each of us has our own, unique garden to tend. Every element of it, as unique as our literal thumbprint, when broken down and inspected. It’s this sort of slowing down that has helped me develop patience in my own healing and, thus, has resulted in radical transformative growth. The choice is ours, it always has been.

Today, March 20, we are ¼ of the way through 2018!

How has the start of this year been for you? Are there any cobwebs you’ve been meaning to clean out? Patterns you told yourself you were going to tackle? A new hobby you’ve been aching to take up? A resolution you declared at the start of the year that has yet to be looked into? Now is your time.

If you find you have a hard time starting//seeing new projects through, you’re not alone!

Below you’ll find a healing process of positive affirmations.

I invite you to pair up with a friend, call a family member and ask if they want to do this with you, or write them down somewhere -- your bathroom mirror, notes on your phone, or even as an audio recording to play in the car. Repeat these affirmations for as long as it feels good/sinks in.

Healing Process:

  • I AM everything I’ve ever wished for.
  • I AM able to bring about change to any circumstance I desire to see differently.
  • I AM loved.
  • I AM supported by the Universe, fully. Always.
  • I AM open to see Miracles daily.
  • I AM grateful for the blessings in my life.

This is how I love to work with self-growth. Take it slow, be patient!


Meet Britt Lynn

Britt Lynn is a lover of spiritual practice and devoted to personal development. A curious and communicative Gemini Sun, she has come to realize that through strengthening intuition and gaining knowledge in ancient wisdom and systems, each of us holds the keys to our own expansion and liberation. Britt specializes in crafts of the Divine Feminine: Prenatal Yoga, facilitating Moon Ceremony, and Sacred Song Evenings in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her favorite YogaClub brands are Satva, NiyamaSOL and Varley. She digs a comfy style that’s versatile and unique. 
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