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Mercury Retrograde: Align with your Highest Good

Is it just me, or does Mercury Retrograde seem to have a bad rep? There is no denying that astrology is on the rise. People, now more than ever (except perhaps in ancient civilizations when smaller populations existed and the majority had similar beliefs), are utilizing the intuitive science as a resource to cultivate greater understanding of their energetic make-up. In these growing times, I hear, with increasing consistency, certain celestial events spoken of as a causation for chaos and, are therefore, not anticipated with much excitement; mainly, Mercury Retrograde and Saturn Return. For today, let’s spend some time de-mystifying the misunderstood Mercury Retrograde, and how to unveil its benefits and goodness.

Mercury in retrograde

Keyword for this event? Surrender

We have the first of three (sometimes four) annual seasons of Mercury Retrograde upon us, which will be experienced from March 22 thru April 15. Each season, this year, with a similar theme; they’ll transit a fire sign. The first, Aries, the passionate and impulsive, ‘act now, think later’ baby of the zodiac, then will move through Leo, the bold and unapologetic expresser, and finally will transit through Sagittarius, the slow-burning but persistent messenger.

Aries is, as I mentioned before, the baby of the zodiac, and when the astrological new year starts (Spring Season, or Equinox). This energy is potent and passionate, a driven path-forger. With Mercury transiting through Aries, try leaning into the idea of expressing yourself in a big, bold way, unafraid to suggest out-of-the-ordinary ideas. Recently, I find play in embodying different personas, trying on different hats and seeing how they feel. It’s a great way to get to know yourself on new levels, often discovering forgotten facets of yourself that feel good to express.

In my experience, the times Mercury Retrograde knocks me down have been because there have been areas in my life I’ve been ignoring that are begging to be held, healed, or paid greater attention to. Mercury Retrograde periods aren’t out to get us, they only seek for us to be willing to surrender, get quiet and go inside. This can be difficult for many in the beginning stages (and beyond, let’s be real) of cultivating greater self-awareness, and thus, spiritual awakening.

So, first off, what IS Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury in retrograde

Above is a Mercury orbital transit chart. It takes the planet 88 days to complete a cycle around the Sun, which is why we experience it 3, and sometimes 4, times a year. As Mercury moves, there is a period that it appears to double back on itself, and from Earth it appears to be moving backwards for a period of roughly 3 weeks.

Mercury in retrogradeMercury in retrograde

Mercury, as a planet, is the messenger, as you can see here, it’s symbol is a little person with two little wings on it’s head. This represents the winged helmet worn by Roman God, Mercury. Mercury is the communicator in all forms, including listening, speaking, learning, reading, editing, researching, negotiating, selling, and buying. This celestial event is notorious for creating confusion, miscommunication, and forgetfulness. Since, during the retrograde period, the planet is, in essence, asleep, it is wise to avoid big decisions, the signing of important documents, closing deals on big purchases, and instead, take this as an opportunity to go within. It can also be a nice time to take a remote or nostalgic vacation, while everyone at the office is experiencing disorder and setback, you can embody grounded-ness by surrounding yourself with nature or reconnecting with yourself in earlier times, experiencing a familiar place where you felt happy and safe.

Through Mercury, we can tap into our own internal landscape and witness how we communicate to ourselves, the programs we’re operating on, and whether they’re affecting our lives in a helpful or debilitating way. That’s where the juicy stuff lies, the good content to work with. Doesn’t it make sense that this time could be confusing, maddening, shocking and hard to look at if we don’t regularly operate in a way that consults self-reflection, or actively shies away from it?

When we can come to an observant place to witness these Personal Truths, we gain power over ourselves, and from there, create greater space to change and grow!

What if I was born during a Mercury Retrograde?

I, myself, was born during a Mercury Retrograde, also, on a Full Moon. I’m a total nerd when it comes to birth charts, and upon visiting my profile, you’ll see 30-40 saved chart from many friends, family members and acquaintances. It is common that one of the first questions I ask someone upon meeting them is when their birthday is. People born during this time are said to have natural ability for insight and increased awareness for how to address and find resolution to complex issues.

If you’re curious to see your own birth chart (If this article has piqued your interest, I highly suggest getting a birth chart reading from a certified astrologer. I’ll leave the contact information for my personal Astrologer, Hanna Christensen, below), simply visit, position your mouse over the ‘Free Horoscopes’ section and click ‘Natal Chart/Ascendant’ in the 3rd column, bottom section. You’ll need your birth time, date and location. With such minute specifics, each and every chart is unique in nature, as many combinations as there are people in existence. Keep in mind that we operate from the skies in the Northern Hemisphere, and that other areas of the world have their own traditions.

Hope this has been interesting and enlightening for you!

This Mercury Retrograde, go inward!

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Britt Lynn is a YogaClub Tribe Leader with an endless passion for creating greater connection with Self, spiritual development and normalizing vulnerability. She is certified SmartFLOW 200 YTT and specializes in teaching pre/postnatal yoga in Las Vegas, NV, where she was born and raised. If you’re diggin’ her vibe, feel free to check out her blog, Yoga. Nourish. Spirit., and other social media platforms!

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