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Meet the Tribe is an ongoing blog series where you’ll meet women who are leaders in their community and here at YogaClub. Our ambassadors, or Tribe Leaders as we call them, are fitness instructors, wellness professionals and just plain awesome women.

Inspiring and motivating are two ways to describe this Tribe Leader. While she took her first yoga class in 1990, she didn’t start regularly practicing until the age of 48 when she began her journey to find an end to her chronic back and hip pain. Fast forward four years and she is now teaching six yoga and three mat pilates classes a week while working at Rescue the Animals, SPCA in Abilene, Texas.

Meet Kathy Leonard.

yogaclub ambassadorsQ: Let’s start with lifestyle. How do you maintain balance?

A: I incorporate one small “self care” item into my schedule every day. I try to plan errands into my schedule, but mostly I try not to beat myself if I don’t get everything done that I want to. I’m no perfectionist, so I just try to keep moving forward.

Q: What advice can you give to someone looking to begin their fitness or wellness journey?

A: Just start. Find classes with people like you, age range, fitness, goals, etc. If one place or teacher or class doesn’t “fit,” try another. There are so many types of fitness and you have to enjoy it enough to go back. If you want to teach, it’s the same type of advice. Find your niche, your style, your “brand” of yoga, then keep learning as much as you can.

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Q: What does being a Tribe Leader mean to you?

A: It just means helping others in their journey, whether the same or different than mine. I truly believe yoga has benefits for Every Body!

Q: Let’s talk overall wellness. How do you integrate healthy eating and mindfulness into your daily life?

A: My dog Violet reminds me to be present every day. She demands I stop everything to pay attention to her. I will admit, eating healthy is a constant struggle, but I am constantly trying to win the small victories, like adding more plant based meals. My oldest daughter and her husband have recently become vegetarian, so she is a great source of inspiration.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about YogaClub?

A: Variety of outfits is great, but I really love the sense of community they are fostering. Who knew a pink box could make you smile?

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Q: What motivates you?

A: In my yoga practice, it is keeping my body moving and healthy. In my teaching it is the growth I see in my students. Let’s face it, nobody leaves a yoga class saying, “I wish I hadn’t done that,” just the opposite!


Q: Alright, let’s mix it up with some fun, quick fire questions. Do you open your box right away or wait until you need a pick me up?

A: Right away!

Q: Do you have a quote or mantra that inspires you?

A: I like three word sayings like, “you’ve got this,” “just let go,” “life is good,” and “take a breath.” Things that keep me out of my negative head.

Q: Favorite yoga pose?
A: Supta Baddha Konasana, reclined cobbler’s pose is my favorite.

Q: Fave YogaClub brands ?

A:Niyama Sol leggings are so fun and soft, but my newest pair of Threads 4 Thoughts are rapidly becoming a favorite.

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