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How to Set Intentions for the New Year

We often look to the New Year as a chance to "start over," to begin with a clean slate, free of debris and baggage. But the truth is, we will always carry our past. However, exploring our past experiences, failures and successes, can facilitate greater self awareness for the year to come. Seeing blessings in the challenges we face empowers us to feel confident in our path and purpose.

setting intentions

Setting intentions and making mindful choices is the key to stay aligned with our dharma, or character. We direct our energy to the things we seek in life so losing sight of our purpose makes it easier to stray from our intended path. By continuing to draw our attention to intention, we can find clarity, self-discovery, and santosha throughout the new year. Follow these simple tips to set (and maintain) your intentions for the new year.


It’s important to ask yourself questions like, What gives you a sense of purpose? or What are your deepest passions? Listen to your inner voice, no matter how silly or impractical you think some of the immediate content that appears is. The fact is, it probably is some of the most valuable information your inner spirit is presenting. You deserve to live a life filled with purpose and passion and when we can be open to receiving these initial messages from our inner light, we become that much closer to aligning with our true purpose here on this earth.

setting intentions


Make a list of these initial messages and form them into intentions or goals. Share this list with a mentor, a close friend or any other third party who you find to be a beacon of support. This holds you accountable for implementing this intentional living in your daily life.

setting intentions


Create mantras (words and short phrases) that summarize your new set of goals. These mantras can be implemented into meditation, yoga practice, or even journaling. The more we concentrate on these mantras, the more we can subconsciously integrate them into our daily living. It becomes implanted in our minds, which then become our actions and over time develop into our character- our new way of life. If we are consistently mindful of our intentions, we feel more confident in our choices along the way when fear tries to knock.

setting intentions

Let It Go

We walk a very fine line when pursuing goals. We want our path and purpose to remain authentic, but once we set our intentions, it’s important to let them go and allow the work to be done in its own time. Yes, we are ultimately the makers of our own destiny, but when we lose sight of the intention behind our growth, we can lose our way. We want our progress and success to rise from a place of true santosha, not from persistent control of every thought or action. So, plant the seed of intention, but follow it with a deep breath and let all control of these intentions slip away.


Trust in the universe that your path, your calling, your greatness will shine and unfold as it is meant to. You are a season of becoming and remaining trustful that the universe will fulfill your intentions will ultimately unlock your greatest self + success.

Having a fresh perspective, a clear set of tools, and a trustful heart allows us to begin the New Year feeling empowered in our choices, our direction and our intention. We may not always have control over the challenges that life throws into our path, but we certainly choose how we react to these very challenges. We can now gracefully move into the New Year equipped to navigate along our path, aligning ourselves with our truest purpose and calling, one intention at a time.

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Tiffany Blackham is a YogaClub Tribe Leader, avid yogi, mom of 3, health & wellness advocate and creator of stonefoxfeather- a line of healing delights. She loves sharing her insights and daily doses of inspiration on living a life full of passion, balance, and soulful exchanges. More about Tiffany and her company can be found on her website

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