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Shopping Guide 101: Brand Name Workout Yoga Pants

workout yoga pants

When it comes to the athleisure industry, yoga pants are the creme de la creme. They’re functional, comfortable, and (thanks to bold, ingenious designers) incredibly cute! In fact, a pair of quality yoga pants can quickly become a staple in the wardrobe of any busy, active woman. But how can you be sure you’ve bought the right pair?

It’s easy to run to your nearest big-box retailer and pick up an armload of the yoga pants. However, if you want a pair of yoga pants that will outlast those other leggings, fit you more comfortably, and just plain look better, you can’t pass up an opportunity to buy brand name yoga pants. Here are a few quick tips to guide you as you buy:

workout yoga pants

The What

First things first: decide what you want these yoga pants to do. Will they be the perfect fit for your morning asanas? Will you wear them as you hike the Timberland Trail? Are they simply a pair of comfy pants you can put on to pick up the kids? Once you’ve got your motive in mind, finding the right pair of pants becomes much easier.

Pay attention to things like design and fabric types. A low rise fit might make your abs look amazing, but who wants to be pulling up their pants at every switchback of a hiking trail? Similarly, moisture-wicking fabric is great for someone who wants to put their pants through a workout, but aren’t as comfortable for the athleisure shopper with a focus on leisure.

Trust us, we know that yoga pants are comfortable--we basically live in ours! Make sure that you find the workout yoga pants that fit your lifestyle for the ultimate in comfort.

workout yoga pants

The Where

The rise in workout yoga pants’ popularity means that they are everywhere these days. We already discussed the big-box stores, but even yoga studios, specialty retailers, and online stores are offering their own selection of yoga pants. All these options may overwhelm a shopper and give him or her “choice anxiety.” No one wants that! The truth is that there are pros and cons to every store.

A big-box retailer will have yoga pants you can buy on the cheap. If you’re on a budget and need pants now, this can be a great thing! However, your selection will be limited (think black pants, maybe a colored waistband or two) and often the material can be thin and flimsy. Don’t be surprised if after a few months of Marjaryasana, the knees of your pants are worn down--or a hole or two have formed. On the plus side, you can pick up more low-priced pants!

Buying from a specialty retailer or yoga studio has its advantages too, for one thing, the pants are of a much higher quality and will likely last you much longer. Also, these retailers tend to put more attention into their selection--as specialty stores, they have the time and resources to--so you are more likely to find pretty patterns and bright colors along with your standard black. Of course, these stores do tend to be more pricey.

Online stores can be a puzzle. On the one hand, their selection is really great--sometimes even better than the specialty stores. But on the other hand, you can never tell exactly how a pair of yoga pants will fit your body (how they fit the model is not always how they’ll fit you, you know?). If you decide to buy online, your best bet is with a subscription service; these services will help you find the style, fabric, and fit you need and often give you a discounted price (since they are buying direct). These services always have a built-in return or exchange policy, which makes finding exactly what you want a breeze.

workout yoga pants

The Who

You may be asking, “What if I’m buying yoga pants for a friend or a family member? How will I know which ones to buy him or her?” Believe it or not, these same rules can apply - if you know your friend, that is. What does she want to do in these pants: are you two running a 5k together, or is it her new year’s resolution to finally be able to touch her toes? Keep your motive in mind throughout your shopping experience, and you can get her a pair of yoga pants she’ll never want to take off!

So go forth - to the store, the studio, the online retailer you’ve been eyeing--and fall in love with a pair of yoga pants you will never want to live without again.

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